Saturday, January 30, 2010

Year Twenty-O-nine

Twenty-O-nine (2009) had bid farewell just a month ago. As it ended, I realized and started to recall all the things that happened to me during the whole year of 2009. I can really say that it made a remarkable moment in my life. Remarkable in the sense that, I got my college diploma, I started to experience the reality of life, I've got deep failures, I had my first job experience and of course, I got a job. I also have undergone many and different events and scenarios of happiness, struggles, burdens and many things that really put colors for the year 2009.

During that year, the worst scenario that I've ever encountered in my whole life was when "married" men were seriously and madly revealing their deepest affections toward me. The first one and the second one, since this scenario happened twice. In fairness, those men were young, admirable and gentle. I would just only be drooling on them. According to them, they never expected and intended to feel that intense affection for me. It just happened unintentionally. When it happened for the second time, I noticed from both of them that they have similar reasons and confessions. It was really not easy especially when you found the characteristics of your ideal man to them. I was so amazed of this experience because I really find it so awkward, uneasy and terrible. It made me wonder why it came to this point where in fact, I did nothing and I even did not seduce or show interest to them since I know that they can't be mine anymore. Truly! Eventually, I continued to fight for what is right even how hard it was.

I also felt so much depression and frustrations. I started to hate challenges when I was greatly challenged of the things I was facing. Yet, I kept trying to view it in a positive way to uplift and give hope to myself. Consequently, I become mature despite all of these. It gave me a realization of what really life is. It also teaches me to have more faith to God, to accept reality and to move on for the better!

I am so thankful for the Year 2009 for all the pleasant and unpleasant experiences that I've gone through.