Tuesday, July 13, 2010

a wonderful birthday gift

Tomorrow is my special day, 14th day of July. I'm really not that excited for this day to come yet I'm so thankful for the advanced gift I've received. I can say that this would be the one of the most wonderful gift I've ever had. I'm also thankful to God for this blessing He showered upon me.

Well, last April 2010 I took the CSC exam, prof level. Just yesterday I searched on google the result. While accessing the site, i can feel that my heart beats so fast. I'm feeling "kabado".hehe. Besides, the site loads very slow which increases my tension. Luckily when I scrolled down the list alphabetically, I found my name! OMG. I can't believe yet. I checked first every detail like the type of exam, date, location, etc. for me to surely believe on what i found out. Well, no joke, it's really true! I feel so overwhelm knowing that I have passed this exam since there are a lot of people who long to pass the eligibility exam. The first person whom I shared this good news was my Mother. She's so happy as well and congratulated me for my effort and achievement. A great achievement for me.

Eventually, having passed this eligibility exam gave me the confidence & courage to continue with my goals and dreams. I'm looking forward to be able to fight the challenges I'm gonna encounter as I continue my journey. I really commend the saying "At the end of the tunnel there is always light". Indeed true! Whenever you encounter failures, hardships, etc just be patient and don't lose hope. Just continue on living and moving for the better. Apart from the obstacles I faced previously I become a strong person and mature individual especially in facing the battles of life. :)

Monday, July 5, 2010

miss it!

I miss blogging! ahmp. I have no longer enough time to do blogging and besides i have limited access on the internet now.huhu. I'm busy with my current work. I now used to go home late from office. Luckily tonight, I was able to go home early before 7 pm.

Hoping to post more updates... hehe.