Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy First Anniversary

Today, December 30, 2011 is our 1st Anniversary as a Lover. Wow! At last, we have reached this far and stayed our deep love with each other. Actually, at this moment we fail to celebrate 'coz we traveled together in our province to spend the new year with our respective Family. :D Atleast, we still together during this moment. And, we planned to schedule our celebration or a date when we both back in Davao. Hopefully, we can make it that special though it's late already! Hehe.

Well in our 1st year of being together, I can say that we have almost experience all of our differences since we always go together almost everyday and even night.hihi. We have a lot of misunderstandings yet, I salute him for being so responsible and mature enough. I admit that I have also a lot of shortcomings and I'm very complacent. I'm aware of my negative attitude. Yet, I'm having hard times controlling it. uhmp! Maybe it's due to my immaturity though. I just pray that he will stay the same and keep on understanding me. Praying for more patience for him. hmp. And, for me also to grow up and be mature in handling a relationship. Well, I'm looking forward and hopefully I can make it or we can make it with God's guidance. Honestly, my beau is a responsible man and I'm lucky enough having him. :D

I love him and he loves me so much too! hihi. Hoping to stay longer and stronger in whatever challenges and struggles we may encounter as we go along! Hoping also that God continues to guide us in the right direction. Thank you Lord! :D

Happy 1st Anniversary and I will always here for you and will love you Yabs! mwaaah!

Taken @ the bus on our way to our province.

A dream came TRUE!

Indeed! I've got this long awaited opportunity now. I feel so overwhelm and very thankful for this blessing. Well, at first it was a failure and I've got disappointed. I almost lose my hope and believed that this particular dream will only be a dream forever! In fact, I posted it in my previous posts. Yet this time, it came into reality! Hopefully it will Lord... :D

Now, I can definitely say that there is really a time for everything. We should always keep going whatever happens. Yeah, it feels so disappointing and frustrating when you fail in your dreams however, it's part of it so we can appreciate more the achievement or success we get after all.

Thank you so much for those people who helped me most especially to our Almighty! thanks Lord!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Long Holiday

I got home last night, thanks God for the safe trip! There were plenty of passengers at the bus terminal 'coz of this long weekend. It's a great chance for those who are living far from their love ones or family like me. ;) No matter how tiring it is just to be with your family, everything would be fine when you're already with them. Of course! This is how I feel indeed. It's really a home sweet home! I miss staying longer with my mother and I miss everything especially that I'm a home buddy! hmmm.

Right now, I'm at home. I'm on my lappy, checking mails, net surfing, downloading bookworm and obviously posting an update on my blog post. As well as, I just got back from the beach since it was my lola's post birthday celebration.

I love this long holiday! wishing more of it sooonnn. haha. :D

Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Natal day 7.14

Today is my birthday! Happy Birthday to me... :D hehe.

Well, thinking about this special day I remembered a certain person whom I was with during this day a year ago. I remembered how he cared for me and made that day that special the reason why it carves in my memory. 'Coz during that time I thought he's the end and thought that I could no longer find someone sweeter than him. It's been a year now since that moment and our moments together! Somehow, despite of everthing I became happy, we became happy with each other.

I am so thankful for what I have right now, for the people around me who love and care for me. Thank you Lord for the abundance of blessings and for forgiveness. Hope that everything would always be in place and for whatever challenge, struggles I would have may God gives me strength, wisdom and faith to fight and to standstill! :) Thank you so much!

I wish to have more years and to be blessed in every aspect of my life!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Cebu & Bohol Escapade

This trip is a birthday present for me from my Beau. Hehe. In fairness, we truly enjoyed it together! The experiences we have are worth remembering. It was my first time to visit Cebu and Bohol. I love the experience! :D We had so much fun & amusement. We only spent our escapade weekend only yet we enjoyed it though! It would be more great & fun if we have longer time but we have to go back 'coz of work. hmp! hehe. We departed Davao @ 5pm Friday and 5am Monday back to Davao. We were in Cebu the whole Saturday and by Sunday we had our Day Tour in Bohol as our itinerary. :) We gone back Cebu by 6:30 pm then attended Mass @ Basilica del Santo NiƱo.

Wow! a great and wonderful Trip and Experience in deed! :D Thanks a lot.

Here's some of our shoot...

In Bohol...

In Cebu...

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Father's Day

I have seen on tv particularly in HYY where actor John Estrada and his children exchanging sweet & special messages to each other. So touching to hear from them. With that, I got to relate their family situation and thought about my father then for this special day. That certain episode caught me and my conscience.

Honestly, Father's day for me is just an ordinary day and nothing special though. Well of course, I knew that Fathers are really important into our lives 'coz without them we wouldn't be existing in this rocky world. But, i feel this way 'coz our situation is abnormal. How nice it is to observe from others celebrating this special moment with their Father. Actually, there were times when I thought about how it would be like for me if I have a Father who's really with us. Uhh-uh how I wish he should be that cool and responsible Dad! :D

I used to live with a single parent, who is only my Mom. I have older brother also. Yeah my Father is still existing actually. He has his other family and he's living with them. I have half brothers and sisters. I don't have communication with my Father but hear updates about him from my relatives on his side. My grandparents and relatives on my father side recognize us as a family as well. We're good also. We live in the same province and place yet, its as if we're so far from each other. In fact, I am closed to my half elder sister. We're good and we treated each other as really siblings. If I'm going to tell or share a story about how my family situation started, it would be so confusing and that chaotic. Even I myself still have unanswered questions and don't have enough guts yet to ask deeper from my Mother. Because, it's like she got pissed with my father and his immorality. That's how I noticed from my mother so maybe some other time when everything is in the right time. :D Well, it's not a big deal for me though, I've accepted our situation and I've never regretted much for the absence of our Father. We're used to it since birth. Eventually, my mom supported us all the way and acted as a Father as well for me and my brother.

Anyway, going back... during Father's day I supposed not to greet my Father actually (so bad). Yet I was disturbed with my conscience so I sent a message to greet him. Of course, I still have some respect to him as a Father and whatever happened & what is happening He is still my Father. Before the day ended, I texted my half sister to greet father for me. Better that my sister replied with father's number and said to me to text Father rather. So, I texted him to his number and never received a response even until now. Well, I wasn't expecting too much from him but just only a reply of saying, Thank you would be enough. That was my first text to him after quite a long time with no communication, he should have given me as his daughter a little importance for my effort and by remembering him. With that, I've never felt his presence as a Father then and I got disappointed. Even until now whenever I think about it, I still feel disappointed on him. However, I didn't put more emotion into it or add up my hatred towards him. Life must go on! hehe. We're happily living and contended with our lives without him.

Atleast, I've had the effort to reach out for him on that day. :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Wish Granted!

Congratulations to me!hehe. Well, I just purchased a brand new Digicam! Atlast I own a camera now. You know what? I've been craving for this specific gadget for quite a long time. Now, I feel fulfilled and happy about it! Cheers!hihi.

At first, I was very much excited and felt disturbed everytime the idea of purchasing and possessing a camera crosses into my mind. I just can't wait too long to possess it that's why I was really eager to find ways for it. In fact, it came to a point when I got disappointed with my eagerness. I was already in a shop expecting to purchase the camera. Unfortunately my credit card was insufficient for that amount so, I failed and got disappointed! I felt teary-eyed and wanted to burst into tears. I felt ashamed and a bit sweating. All of my emotions that time were so disgusting to me and I just hid it 'coz I'm with my Beau. We were together going to that shop. I don't want him to think that I'm that desperate and to feel pity on me. tsk! I texted my mom to call me up then only to found out that my credit limit is only 15k and the amount of that camera was 16k plus! Tsk. With that, I have a lesson learned. I should have check everything first before tossing into something. huhu. Yet, I still managed myself and tried to understand about what had happened.

On the next day, I still felt disturbed about the camera. I kept on looking on the net, on ebay until I found one with 38% discount on the item. Guess what?! I didn't hesitate on buying it without thinking any risk that I may encounter about online shopping. I was very eager and excited enough to purchase it. Luckily, everything was successful! There was a prompt and positive response on my order from the seller. I let paypal processed the payment charged to my credit card. After a day, the item was delivered to me with free shipment fee through Air21 courier. I like it! This is my first time to buy an item through online. Great!

By the way, the Digicam I possessed right now is cheaper and has a lower quality and functionality compared to the first one which I supposed to buy from the shop. But it's as well great and a nice camera. I feel satisfied now. I have decided to better go for the cheaper so that it wouldn't be harder for me to pay for it. I'll make it into an installment basis. hmm. My life starts here... I now have a debt to settle. hehe. hmp.

Anyway, I have with me my Digicam now a gadget that I've long for ever since. I can now take pictures of my own without anymore borrowing from my friends. I'm so thankful for this one of my wishes granted to me. Thanks Lord for the guidance and blessings! :D Hopefully I could have all of my wish list granted as well! wooooohooooo!hehe. How I wish that my other wish will be granted also, hopefully I'm that lucky for it. :) (demanding... hihi)

Friday, June 3, 2011

It's nice to be Nice

I feel so flattered today! It's a nice & very flattering feeling when somebody gives you something, without you expecting for it.

Just today, I received these little things that made me feel so overwhelmed and feel valued! It's a "pasalubong" given to me by one of our clients in the bank. Thanks to Sir Erny for the pasalubong he gave me from his out of town trip to some of the Asian countries with his friends. By the way, she's a woman with a man's body. hehe. Anyway, he personally handed me this morning a "bling-bling" (bracelet) and a key chain carved with the word VIETNAM and it has a design of a typical house which can be seen as a tourist's attraction. How nice of him. Infairness, I accommodate our clients nicely! I'm as well nice to him. Sir Enry and I are not really that close yet whenever he transacts in the bank we used to have a little small talk sometimes. He feels so comfortable with me. He sometimes shares something that pissed him or just anything. Well, he's a chatty person. I used to appreciate him with his accessories or "Bling-blings" maybe that's the reason why he feels so comfortable with me then. Well, I really mean it undoubtedly though. He is as well a "fashionsita", fond of "Bling-blings"! hehe.

And for that I just said "Thank you" to him with a grin face! :D Thanks a lot!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

On d 5th Month

We're on our 5th Month yesterday, May 30, 2011! Congratulations! hehe. Well, I feel flattered and happy for reaching this far. I considered 5 months as far already huh. hihi. Of course, we are still adjusting with each other especially him and more comfortable now. Anyway, we're both happy and feel so in Loved each day. We used to spend time with each other like almost everyday. It's a must for us to keep in touch within a day and to know our whereabouts for the day.

Anyway, we simply celebrated our 5th by having dinner at TGIF in Abreeza. At first, I felt hesitated and not interested going to that place or restaurant for I didn't know or have an idea of what kind of restaurant it is. So pricey and well-known restaurants for most of the richy pipz! He again had an effort to make a reservation same with our previous Dates! hmm. I like him for that! hehe. Actually, what I have planned for dinner was in Bistro Rosario in Torres however, he have already fixed our date. Hmm. While riding on a taxi going to Abreeza, I interfered and we've decided to have "jack n' poy" on where to go, TGIF (Him) vs. BISTRO (me). Unfortunately I lost that's why we're at TGIF! ahmp. (still having no idea about TGIF) When we're on the place, first I find myself uncomfortable 'cause the ambiance is quite annoying for me. The tables were occupied and the waiters/crews were so busy. After how many minutes while observing & waiting for the food, I gradually appreciate the place especially when the bartender performed and one of the waiters did an exhibition of throwing 3 bottles upward in a cycle motion and catching them vigorously! Nice! I also found quite a number of foreigners in that restaurant. Until I've realized that we're in one of the great restaurants Worldwide! O-O OMG. I came to realize as well that it was a good choice that he won for I've had the chance to be in that kind of restaurant!hehe. He treated me as always! hehe. Luckily, TGIF ventured in Davao City. The menu's really expensive though! Well, it was a fine dinner and my mood cooled down to normal. hehe.

I'm so much thankful for my Beau for his patience and understanding! Despite of my unpleasant attitude sometimes such as my tantrums, my mood swing, he still manage himself to be with me, who'd truly keep on trying to adjust with me. I feel so lucky having him. He never faded since the beginning. Hoping that he won't and he would change for the better! :D

There's more... He gave me a bearhug pillow with the I LOVE YOU design and a white cute puppy head on it! hehe. Love it! As what he said on his letter, He wanted to give me this so that I still have him to hug whenever he's not around. Naks! And, he had never tried buying this stuff into a girl before. Waaoow! How sweet of him.. While me, I simply gave him a power balance bracelet and a greeting card! hehe.

Above all, I'd like to thank God for the blessings and for the good relationship we have. I will be praying for God's more blessings and guidance in our relationship and in our dreams/aspirations in life. May we also have a blessed future ahead. :D

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Is it gonna be forever a Dream or a Reality?

My thoughts right now are on this certain opportunity which would make or break one of my greatest dreams (work). Well, I don't want to expect too much or to think about the good outcomes in advance 'coz I'm just afraid to be confronted again with another failure or disappointment on this matter. This truly affects my ego. It hurts too badly when my ego's hit. Hmmp. Well, I have to deal with it and I am making myself calm in whatever happens whether it's a good or a bad result. Yet, still hopeful to the good side and hoping that this awaited day would be a good start. Hoping as well that this would no longer be a Dream but a Reality anymore.hehe. How I really wish! Honestly, I've really longed for it, to be part of this particular Institution which rank top in the market and I feel like honor working with the company.

Anyway whatever would be the outcome is, I'd bear with it. If I get it or not, it would still be good. I have already conditioned myself and I offer it to God. I just pray for more strength and guidance in my career success. :D For God be the Glory!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Catastrophes as repayment

Tsk. It gets super alarming as the frequent calamities happening and hitting around the world. As it hit a certain place, it really left dreadful effects. So scarry... Just today, I've read the latest & major disaster, Tornado that hit USA particularly @ Joplin, Missourri. The deadliest tornado that happened in that state according to the people. Tsk, tsk, tsk. How terrible it was, I've seen a captured scene at Yahoo news. There was again a terrible damages on buildings, transportation, lives of thousands of people, etc. It's the same effect with what happened in Japan. The government and the rescue teams are doing hand in hand in rescuing the people especially those who are still missing. The place got so chaotic aftermath.

OMG! It's like, God is gradually starting to repay us all our sinful deeds. All we need & must do is to pray always and ask forgiveness for all the sins we have committed. Our faith is the most important now for God listens to us when we call His name. We should always seek God in all times. I am as well praying to God for His continuous protection and guidance. It's really very scary and maybe one of these days Philippines would be the next to be hit. Let's just be open minded for we never know... It's only God who knows everything that is why we should always have our faith and prayer.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Escapade

Last weekend, April 15-18, 2011 I with my beau invaded Manila! After about 13 years since the last time I visited the place, I find it "wow" especially the center of Makati City! The high rise buildings and the nice views and landscapes made me appreciate its beauty. I feel happy seeing it again and the place. 'Am so much thankful to my Beau for this trip as his present for me. I'm as well thankful to God for the safe trip we had and for the blessings also from my very supportive Mother. For that short time of roaming around the city and the mall hoping we had have, we really enjoyed it. There was one scenario that made me giggle whenever I recall about it. It was the time when we're in a rush to get a ride going to the airport. I won't really forget how we acted especially him just to beat the time for our flight (Manila to Davao) yet we still failed to haste for it. Unluckily, we're advised to rebook for the next flight then and paid for it. Well, lesson learned! hehe. It was a great & unforgettable experience for us somehow! I truly appreciated his efforts and the concerns he has for me. So lucky having him! :D

Monday, April 4, 2011

The 3rd Month

Everything goes well and romantic between us, in our relationship as we reached this far! So far, We feel so happy and attached with each other. I never felt any regrets. On our third month, last March 30, 2011, we simply exchanged romantic greeting cards and had a dinner date @ Bistro. I even get more overwhelmed and surprised with his present when I opened it. I love it! hehe. I was so touched with his letter on how he organized his thoughts on the little things he observed from me. I felt just flattered 'coz somehow he appreciated my little efforts and those indirect expression of my love & care for him. He tried to view it nicely and romantically which flattered me the most!

Here's it...

Hoping and praying for more guidance and blessings from God as we keep going! ;D

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Worth Remembering

Yesterday, March 28, 2011 was the natal day of one of the very special persons in my life, my Beau! We together with my friends, the Rapapiz, surprisingly celebrated his birthday at NCCC mall. I made a reservation in one of an exclusive rooms called, Family Room. The said room has a videoke with comfortable sofa and dinning tables. The place is quite relaxing and very wide. We had fun together with Rapapipz (my boardmates, this is how we call our group). Actually, I surprised him for this and he was greatly surprised as well! I truly appreciated the effort and support from my Rapapiz! I didn't expect from them to have that effort of helping me make my beau's birthday more special. So, I got super surprised seeing them and their preparation especially the gift. I feel so overwhelm for what they did 'coz I only expect a very simple and a minimal support from them. It was indeed a worth remembering moment!

I honestly got so touched from them 'coz it was like my first time to experience this kind of super effort and super support from my friends though we have only been together for quite a short period of time. If you think about it, they are just your new companions yet they have given you more than what you've expected as if you've been through together for a longer period of time. They are also a blessing to me! Thanks Lord!

As we celebrated my beau's birthday, we're so full 'coz the foods tasted so yummy and delicious! We as well have a sing-a-long and we truly enjoyed the moment. I can see through his reaction and his facial expression how happy and surprised he was for what we have prepared for him. In fact, this is my first time to do this kind of surprise ever since in my life! Even with my family, I've never had this done yet. I guess having this observation in myself now, He become truly special to me. And, this is also the right time for me to show and give him what he deserves! 'Coz more than anything else, he has been showing and giving me more than enough! Another surprise also that I prepared for him is a Love Letter! This was what he asked before his birthday and I responded unpleasantly to him. It was because I haven't tried yet to make and give one to someone so I was like pressured! But, I tried and without him knowing I silently prepared the letter, the lengthiest letter I've ever made! I made it hand written and I felt my right hand got tired. With this, I have a realization that If you really love the person, it's really very that easy to make and give that person something that would make him happier! I don't really expected it that I can make it that easy. I thanked him also for the inspiration! In my letter, I have expressed to him everything from the beginning to the present.

Well, as what he said to me after he read my letter, he found himself very emotional. He was able to drop some tears while reading through and got so overwhelmed! Fortunately, everything turned to be successful! We're able to make his day a memorable Birthday he has ever had in his 28 years! :D

Nice one! I considered it as a great achievement for me somehow. I also feel overwhelm with what I've done! ! :D I was able to make all of us, Him and my friends, Happy. Hope I could continue it...

Thursday, March 24, 2011

A blessed Friend

I feel so happy for this friend of mine. It's like the achievement that he has is truly a blessing. We've known each other almost 8 years already. His name is Roc. He's known for that name in our campus in college. He has his own passion now which I've never expected for him to be on that path. He is now a member of an organization that aims to help and motivate those unfortunate people around Asia. Imagine, around Asia! They are traveling and visiting provinces and now traveling outside Philippines. I'm so proud of his new passion! It's really a great experience because it's not only yourself that benefits it but the community and of course God as well. At his early age and despite of what he had before, he's able to renew his life and reach out to those kind of people. He even find himself happy, enjoying and willing to take risk for the sake of his passion. We used to communicate and he shared with me his experiences with his companions who are in different races. He finds them nice to be with! There's really unity within them.

I'm just kinda amazed with what he is and has right now. 'Coz before I've known him just like a typical guy who used to cut classes before, got failure grades and addicted to online games specifically, DOTA. Though he has that kind of behavior, he's still nice, God-fearing and kind-hearted. Maybe he was just influenced with his friends and the trends during early college days. Hope that he may have more courage and passion to help those people, the community and God. I envy him for having that passion actually. Yet, we have different lucks in life. I just pray to God for whatever path i will be having. :D

Friday, March 18, 2011

My Wish list

Hmm. These are some of the things I've greatly longed for at the moment of my life... O_O How I really wish that someday, somehow I'd able to possess all of these.

  • Iphone/Ipad
  • Digital Camera
  • Fashionable Branded Wrist Watch

Wish, wish, wish my wishes would come true! hehe.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


@ the reception hall

March 5, 2011 was the date of my beau's older brother's wedding. I was there in the celebration and this was the first time when I met his brothers, relatives and friends! It was fine and a cheerful day! In fact, during our first meeting I felt so comfortable with them maybe because I've already met his mother and the Bride prior to the wedding. :D They treated me so well ! It's like I've been already part of their family for quite long! I even felt so at ease and I appeared to them naturally. It's like we've been together since then. hehe. Well, atlast this kind of experience i have had already been realized. Luckily this first encounter of mine is a pleasant experience. Though before it was just only in my thoughts that someday I would be having a moment or bonding moment with my beau's family and it did happen now with him! It was indeed a great experience!

Hoping for more of it soon... and hope that we'll last together! hehe.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Our 2nd Monthsary!

Every 30th of the month is our Monthsary yet last month (February) has only 28 days so, we celebrated our 2nd monthsary on March 2, 2011. Hmp! hehe. In fact, some of my friends teased me about it. Well, we celebrated it on the 2nd day of this month to make it on the 30th day. hehe. Anyway, since it was a weekday, after I gone out from the office I went to the Mall and bought a simple greeting card for him. We as well met at the mall then, he brought me to a Japanese cuisine or restaurant. I never thought about it, actually. It was my first time to have dinner in that kind of restaurant since I'm not really fond of this stuff. Yet, I still find it good for a change! At least I have already tried. I just don't know how to use chopsticks! I just simply and proudly used the spoon and fork! hehe.

Moreover, I'm still happily thankful for another month for our relationship. So far, I am contented and I feel happy with him. Though, I have this mood swing most often he's still trying to understand me and show me his full concern and love. It's like what he was showing me before remains and never fades until now. Hopefully, he will remain and would change for the good! naks! I Love it! hehe. Well, on my part, as what i observed in myself, I'm loving him. I can say that I am totally comfortable with him now which I never noticed it previously from my past relationships. I am also working on my shortcomings on him and hoping that I can show and assure him that I am serious and I do Love him! It's just that, even I myself have a hard time understanding my feelings. Maybe due to my Immaturity. I'm just so lucky that he's my boyfriend 'coz he is mature enough now. He knows how to balance our situation. He is mature enough to understand me, his feelings, our relationship maybe because of our age gap. He's 5 years older than me. Hmmm. I love to be pampered by him and the way he treated me like a "Princess". hehe. Yeah, I've realized that I'am so lucky for having him in my life now. I'm thankful to God for who and what I have right now for all the blessings. :D

And there's more... He gave me his masterpiece! A charcoal paint of Me! Nice! :D He really tried to make one for me. hmm. Here's it..

Here are our few pix @ Japanese Resto...

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Matapos ako makapagtapos sa aking pag-aaral dalawang taong nakalipas, minsan napapaisip ako paano kaya kung yun kursong may board exam yun kinuha ko... yun ipinagtapos ko. Minsan naiinggit ako o nakakainggit pag masdan yun mga may lisensya o propisyon lalo na't ako'y may pangarap na magkaroon ng masagana at may salapi. Noon, akala ko kaya ko lang kunin o abutin yun simpleng pangarap ko. Sa aking kamusmusan noon, akala ko madali lng abutin yun mga pangarap ko sa sarili ko at pangarap na mapasaya ang pamilya ko. Hanggang sa ako'y nakipagsapalaran at patuloy na nakikipagsapalaran, napaisip ulit ako at aking napagtanto na hindi pala ganoon kadali ang mga ito. Ang daling sabihin at isipin ngunit mahirap din palang gawin. Lalong lalo na't ako'y karaniwang tao lamang na tulad din ng karamihan na karaniwan batay sa karera. Kaya lubos akong napaisip sa ngayon kung ano din kaya yun maging buhay ko kung ako ay may lisensya at propisyon din. Tiyak din siguro ay maaabot ko ang mga ito sa aking kadalubhaasan at maliwanag ang aking landas na tela bang may tiyak na paruruonan o deriksyon ang karera. At magkaroon din ng tiyak na matagumpay na buhay! Bilang isang karaniwan, hindi ganoon kadali magkaroon ng masagana at matagumpay na buhay lalong lalo na't hindi ka gagapang sa butas ng karayom at hndi mo ito pagtuonan ng pansin at bumuhos ng mala-"swimming pool" na pawis at sakripisyo.

Datapwat, ako'y umaasa na makontento din sa pagiging karaniwan ko at magkaroon ng simple at masayang pamumuhay. Hindi naman ako lubos na nagsisi sa kung anong buhay ko ngayon, samakatwid masaya din naman ako lalo na't may mga tao ding umuunawa at nagmamahal sa akin. Nagpapasalamat din ako na sa kabila ng lahat mayroong simple at magaang buhay ako ngayon na hindi tulad ng iba na may mga kapatid at magulang na sinusustentohan at nanghihingi. Minsan nga lang bunga ng inggit ay nagkakaroon ako ng mga hindi kanais-nais na saloobin. Ngunit, ako'y patuloy na ngpapasalamat at nananalangin parin sa panginoon at humihingi ng gabay at maraming pang biyaya sa aking paglalakbay. :D

Monday, February 21, 2011

Feeling Disturbed!

Honestly, I get a little bit worried and alarmed at this moment in terms of my money or finances. Yesterday, I with him went to NCCC mall and we saw and read the Chinese Fortune according to year of birth for this year. Of course I searched directly for the year of the Dragon. On what I've read, it keeps on flashing into my mind from time to time and I'm just afraid on what does it really tells me, what's behind it. On the message, it simply says that I have to save my money etc, etc. However, it sounds different to me which alarmed me and I feel uncomfortable. I'm a bit worried, really. OMG! I just hope that I would be prepared if anything happens and hoping and wishing also that I would be able to curse the bad luck. hmp!

It makes me aware of my expenses and my enough-for-myself money. In fact, I have my savings right now but It has already a purpose. And I am still planning to save for another purpose again, for my own personal wants. Hopefully I can have a spare of my money to save for future need purposes. Actually, I have plans of it, it's just that I don't have more than enough earnings for the meantime. Like I've said, my earning is only enough for my own as for now. How I wish... hmmm.

Friday, February 18, 2011


First of all, I'd like to send my gratitude to our God! I thank you Lord for all the countless blessings & graces you've been showering me. I really feel so blessed in my simple life! Everything goes smoothly with God's blessings and guidance in all aspects of my life. I sometimes feel guilty of my responses for all of these. It's also like I feel so selfish 'coz every time I pray I always prioritize myself before others which is, I guess and based from observation, it should be others first before yourself. Yet, I am very much thankful 'coz God still listens to me and granted me my prayers. hehe. In fairness, I never fail to thank God every time I pray and every time I go to church. This is the first words I always have whenever I pray.

Well, I am finally regularized in my current job! This is what I longed at the beginning to be regularized at that short span and right time. I feel a little bit overwhelm that I was able to get it that smoothly. I am just so lucky enough and of course thankful for the people who are there to help and care for me. And with this, I do believe that God is always there by my side and guiding me. This increases my faith in Him.

I just hope and pray that as I go on with my career and journey in life, I still have this smooth road with God. That I may be able to gradually realize my goals and dreams in life. Thank you so much! :D

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Heart's Day

February 14, 2011 is a Valentine's Day. It's when LOVE has been emphasized and celebrated with Roses and balloons by most couples especially lovers! Well, I and Him had a romantic dinner at the "Entree" inside Apo view Hotel which is a quite pricey and very romantic place. I like it there especially the food. I can say that they serve best and yummy buffet. I love it! Ahm, I enjoyed the dinner with him inspite of the misunderstanding we had have later at that moment. Anyway, I just felt guilty because I failed to Thank him for his efforts and for bringing me to that place. Tsk. I should somehow say "Thank you" despite of the misunderstanding we had due to my immaturity again. Grr! He got so sensitive 'coz he feels so insecure in me which is always a reason of our misunderstanding most often. This is because I am not that showy or expressive to him which give him ill thoughts. Yeah I understand and I just hope that I would be able to express my love to him little by little.

Fortunately, when we had to part ways after he dropped me home we managed to neutralize our bitter emotions. We then had shared a little laughter for about an hour. Yet, for me it was not just enough 'coz I wasn't able to tell him something inspiring and romantic thoughts to share with him during this special occasion. And, I wasn't able to Thank and say the three-magic-word to him personally! I just hope that He would feel my heart and believe that I am serious with him. I hope that he would understand me. And, I do hope that I would be able to express my emotions freely with no hesitation and any other awkwardness.

I received a Big Heart Balloon from Him with the ribbons laces at the bottom which he was the one who decorated it with sweats and 99.9% effort! wow! hehe. This is what I like the most about him! :D While this Red rose is a souvenir from Entree. Nice!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bonding @ Eden Nature Park

Last weekend, Feb. 5-6, 2011 he made a reservation for the two of us at Eden Nature Park in Toril, Davao City. This is one of our bonding moments together. So happy for his efforts! Looking forward having more of it as we keep going... mwah!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy 1st Monthsary!

The date today is January 31, 2011 but the blog date here is a day delayed. Anyway, yesterday we had have our 1st monthsary as a Lover! Well, I'm so thankful that we're able to make it together which is a good start for our relationship. 'Am also thankful for him for he still manage to understand me and very willing to give his all, despite of my immaturity ! :D He is still there for me, showing everything which sometimes, I failed to appreciate it. I love what he's showing me it's just that I'm not that expressive or showy with my affection. 'Am working on it, though! I like him also 'coz he has the confidence, he showed me enough effort and very open.

What we had yesterday was first, we attended sunday mass late afternoon then we went to a special ,solemn place and surrounded by sea water. :D A restaurant named, Pirata Jetty inside Water Front Hotel & Casino. Great! It was my first time in the restaurant though I've once seen it from apart before. When we're already in the place, the waiter guided us to our table. He really had an effort to make a reservation for us early in the morning. Wow! How impressive!hehe. Our ordered foods tasted so good and yummy! We're both full and it was a fine night! Well, I can say that our first month celebration isn't that intimate since we are still intimidated in expressing our warm feelings to each other especially me! hehe. It's normal! Looking forward for the progress, hopefully! I can as well sense his gentleness and his respect to me. Afterwards, we went home and we enjoyed talking and reminiscing those moments when we first met and the "sparks" that we felt before, as it progresses at the present.

And one thing is that, I actually feel guilty. Guilty in the sense that I've came to realize that what he is showing is too much for me especially, when he gave me his advanced gift for our first monthsary. A plane tickets to manila and back to Davao. Wow! I felt so excited and i have this mixed emotions when I received & read it through email! It's one of the most special gifts and my first time! While me, Looking at me... I don't even have the effort to prepare something even just a little & simple thing for him. Tsk. I am so selfish! But, it doesn't mean that I am that ingrate I'am as well thinking about it deeply and hoping to give him the best that i can give as we go along with our relationship. Though he is not after of it yet, somehow i should have to. hmm.

Well, I simply feel happy and contented right now. I pray to God that He will guide and bless us especially our relationship. I want to focus with him now and wishing he's the One! hehe. It's like I'm afraid to lose him now! Is this really LOVE?? ahmm :D

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Career Mode

Right now, I feel like disoriented personally after hearing a rumor that their would be a change of one of the officers particularly the BOO here in our branch in Buhangin. I have this kind of feeling because I have to adjust again to my immediate supervisor if this would happen. This would be my third time to adjust to three different superiors in a span of 7 months since i was hired. It's quite hard when you already set your mind on a specific person or thing. Well, I called it a rumor since it's not yet formalized but, 60% of it is true. So, I'm agitated again. It came to a point again that I'm like giving up on my current job due to lack of security. Anytime, I would be assigned or transferred somewhere else with not enough compensation. I feel so unsecured.

Actually, one of my plans is to stay about a year or two to gain and practice my knowledge and abilities on a specific task or job. Oh God, guide and help me decide wisely. I feel discourage 'coz it's like you keep on adjusting on your working environment especially the people you'll be with or your job location is so uncertain. Its really so uncertain and you'll feel unsatisfied. Aside from my concern on adjustment, you won't be motivated because of the low compensation. Not enough and that is my impression and even with most of the employees. How much more on the employees who have family or children. It feels quite hard when you already conditioned yourself to a specific location where you already used to. It makes me realize and force me to look for another stable job wherein I'am certain and secured.

Honestly, I really don't know where, what and how to do it though i have many plans in mind. It' so easy to think that way and say but hard to put in action. I still have a lot to consider first. In order for me to calm and organize my thoughts, I'd better stick first to my plan of staying with the company and i would slowly look for opportunities around until I got to have One for me. As for now, I am faithfully praying for God's guidance, asking for more strength and patience in my career life. Hoping for more inspiration so i can pursue my plans. So help me God. :D

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

So in Love...

Happy New year! Welcome year 2011! Well, before 2010 ends, it was like 2 days more for the year 2011 to take over, I had this very wonderful experience or moment. It's like a last minute blessing from God. Woaw! hehe. I never thought I'd meet this someone so fast after i had a terrible affair or romantic relationship with my previous lover that our fate has never been destined for each other. I never thought that I would feel this kind of feelings or emotions i have right now with this Someone. I am feeling soooo Happy and 'am like so in love. This is my first time really that I feel so free to show my love and care to someone. I so love this feeling. hehe. OMG.

Hopefully, God would always there for us and we may always seek His guidance and presence as we go along with what we just started to build up (our love). Thank you Lord for this feeling and for the blessings. :D