Wednesday, January 5, 2011

So in Love...

Happy New year! Welcome year 2011! Well, before 2010 ends, it was like 2 days more for the year 2011 to take over, I had this very wonderful experience or moment. It's like a last minute blessing from God. Woaw! hehe. I never thought I'd meet this someone so fast after i had a terrible affair or romantic relationship with my previous lover that our fate has never been destined for each other. I never thought that I would feel this kind of feelings or emotions i have right now with this Someone. I am feeling soooo Happy and 'am like so in love. This is my first time really that I feel so free to show my love and care to someone. I so love this feeling. hehe. OMG.

Hopefully, God would always there for us and we may always seek His guidance and presence as we go along with what we just started to build up (our love). Thank you Lord for this feeling and for the blessings. :D

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