Tuesday, May 31, 2011

On d 5th Month

We're on our 5th Month yesterday, May 30, 2011! Congratulations! hehe. Well, I feel flattered and happy for reaching this far. I considered 5 months as far already huh. hihi. Of course, we are still adjusting with each other especially him and more comfortable now. Anyway, we're both happy and feel so in Loved each day. We used to spend time with each other like almost everyday. It's a must for us to keep in touch within a day and to know our whereabouts for the day.

Anyway, we simply celebrated our 5th by having dinner at TGIF in Abreeza. At first, I felt hesitated and not interested going to that place or restaurant for I didn't know or have an idea of what kind of restaurant it is. So pricey and well-known restaurants for most of the richy pipz! He again had an effort to make a reservation same with our previous Dates! hmm. I like him for that! hehe. Actually, what I have planned for dinner was in Bistro Rosario in Torres however, he have already fixed our date. Hmm. While riding on a taxi going to Abreeza, I interfered and we've decided to have "jack n' poy" on where to go, TGIF (Him) vs. BISTRO (me). Unfortunately I lost that's why we're at TGIF! ahmp. (still having no idea about TGIF) When we're on the place, first I find myself uncomfortable 'cause the ambiance is quite annoying for me. The tables were occupied and the waiters/crews were so busy. After how many minutes while observing & waiting for the food, I gradually appreciate the place especially when the bartender performed and one of the waiters did an exhibition of throwing 3 bottles upward in a cycle motion and catching them vigorously! Nice! I also found quite a number of foreigners in that restaurant. Until I've realized that we're in one of the great restaurants Worldwide! O-O OMG. I came to realize as well that it was a good choice that he won for I've had the chance to be in that kind of restaurant!hehe. He treated me as always! hehe. Luckily, TGIF ventured in Davao City. The menu's really expensive though! Well, it was a fine dinner and my mood cooled down to normal. hehe.

I'm so much thankful for my Beau for his patience and understanding! Despite of my unpleasant attitude sometimes such as my tantrums, my mood swing, he still manage himself to be with me, who'd truly keep on trying to adjust with me. I feel so lucky having him. He never faded since the beginning. Hoping that he won't and he would change for the better! :D

There's more... He gave me a bearhug pillow with the I LOVE YOU design and a white cute puppy head on it! hehe. Love it! As what he said on his letter, He wanted to give me this so that I still have him to hug whenever he's not around. Naks! And, he had never tried buying this stuff into a girl before. Waaoow! How sweet of him.. While me, I simply gave him a power balance bracelet and a greeting card! hehe.

Above all, I'd like to thank God for the blessings and for the good relationship we have. I will be praying for God's more blessings and guidance in our relationship and in our dreams/aspirations in life. May we also have a blessed future ahead. :D

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Is it gonna be forever a Dream or a Reality?

My thoughts right now are on this certain opportunity which would make or break one of my greatest dreams (work). Well, I don't want to expect too much or to think about the good outcomes in advance 'coz I'm just afraid to be confronted again with another failure or disappointment on this matter. This truly affects my ego. It hurts too badly when my ego's hit. Hmmp. Well, I have to deal with it and I am making myself calm in whatever happens whether it's a good or a bad result. Yet, still hopeful to the good side and hoping that this awaited day would be a good start. Hoping as well that this would no longer be a Dream but a Reality anymore.hehe. How I really wish! Honestly, I've really longed for it, to be part of this particular Institution which rank top in the market and I feel like honor working with the company.

Anyway whatever would be the outcome is, I'd bear with it. If I get it or not, it would still be good. I have already conditioned myself and I offer it to God. I just pray for more strength and guidance in my career success. :D For God be the Glory!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Catastrophes as repayment

Tsk. It gets super alarming as the frequent calamities happening and hitting around the world. As it hit a certain place, it really left dreadful effects. So scarry... Just today, I've read the latest & major disaster, Tornado that hit USA particularly @ Joplin, Missourri. The deadliest tornado that happened in that state according to the people. Tsk, tsk, tsk. How terrible it was, I've seen a captured scene at Yahoo news. There was again a terrible damages on buildings, transportation, lives of thousands of people, etc. It's the same effect with what happened in Japan. The government and the rescue teams are doing hand in hand in rescuing the people especially those who are still missing. The place got so chaotic aftermath.

OMG! It's like, God is gradually starting to repay us all our sinful deeds. All we need & must do is to pray always and ask forgiveness for all the sins we have committed. Our faith is the most important now for God listens to us when we call His name. We should always seek God in all times. I am as well praying to God for His continuous protection and guidance. It's really very scary and maybe one of these days Philippines would be the next to be hit. Let's just be open minded for we never know... It's only God who knows everything that is why we should always have our faith and prayer.