Sunday, July 12, 2009

Wholesome Not

What is "MASBATE"? Any idea?

Well, I and my close friend were texting and we were like dragged into a specific topic where i got this weird word. hmmm. I was like curious of what he meant by "MASBATE". For the second time, he said it again and that's the time when i asked him what does this word mean. He was like shocked why i asked and it gave him the perception that i'm really still that innocent in this matter. Then, with no hesitation he perfectly described or explained it to me.

Here's what he said:

"Huhummp! Masbate. d term is used as d act of releasing by d male species of their sexual urges or the sperm, to be precised. (Since he's a guy, He told this..) We do dis by holding our rifle and gently smoothing it up and down.. up and down, repeatedly until it shoots an xplosion of white cream, sperm! $ d female species, you do ds by caressing d cli2ris or d "mani2" of ur castle. Rubing it gently continuosly..feeling for urselves a burning, fulfilling sensation and until u reached d climax point. U will feel an xplosion insyd of u. sumtyms f u rily get n2 d feel, cum will shoot out of ur castle is really wet! Others prefer to do d fingering thng inserting 1-3 fingers in2 d castle's entrance while rubing w/ ur other hand d cli2ris or "mani2". & sumtyms, other insert vibra2rs or even an eggplant! weird! Also masbate is sumtyms intrtwined w/ masturbation! there u go! "

That's it! When i read the first sentence, i then got what it means. Tsk! I really feel like "EWW!" while reading it. But hey, im not being hypocrite here, i'm just too conservative on this matter . He really exerted an effort of defining it for me. toinx!

Thus, "MASBATE" is known as Masturbation or Masturbate. It's like a shortcut name by some people. Westeners call it as Masturbate.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

yahoo! - Thank You!

Wow! I did feel like overwhelmed knowing that i will be receiving my first salary in my ever first job or employer! When i told my Mom about it, she congratulated me and i can feel it that she is very happy for me and for herself as well. I can say that she feels contented and also proud to herself because despite the fact that she is a single parent, she was able to successfully raise her children well. Well, last night, i got my salary through my ATM debit card. nakz! Just today, i give some share to my Auntie and his family since i am staying with them in their house. And of course, i have to offer some amount to the church as my Thanks giving and Thanks offering. I'm so thankful in everything that happened to me right now. Despite of some failures, depressions and pain i felt, i still have the courage and strength to move on and face the truth of life. Yeah, now I do believe the saying, At the end of the tunnel there is always light! You really need to undergo hardship and painful experiences before you'll get into it and you would feel like in a "cloud 9". Since this is my first step in the real world, i can't really deny that i am greatly challenged and i almost gave up due to those challenges and my negative perceptions. Luckily, because of my faith in God i was able to accept the reality little by little and trying to view things positively.

I really do experience surprises or unexpected circumstances like in my job right now. We experienced a very big surprise which turned some of us disappointed when we knew that unexpected decision or announcement from our Boss. Now, I and my batch are not yet certain of what would really happen since we are still under training. I can still consider my Job as of this moment as UNSTABLE though I am already hired by the company. hahay.. I am still hoping that everything would go better and successful. In fact, i always ask God's guidance, more blessings, strengths and good health for me to handle everything and to do the best that i can. I admit that i am struggling right now and trying to take it easily so that i would be able to achieve the things that i want to achieve slowly but surely. toinx!