Tuesday, April 13, 2010

2 Thumbs Up!

Today, we attended the product seminar of SAMSUNG IT Products & Solutions at Marco Polo Hotel Davao City. It was a satisfactory training and was conducted by the the Sales Technical from Manila. For the first time, I enjoyed and appreciated the seminar or training. So far, it was my third time to attend this kind of seminar/training in my job right now but I appreciate this seminar more and enjoy it more. Well, we arrived an hour late at the venue, as expected we sat at the last row. At first, while listening and trying to absorb the information being discussed by the speaker I find myself so drowsy. It's quite hard to listen like it goes out from my one ear to the other. The lunch time hit and everybody felt hungry. I got excited since i was really after of the food and take lunch at the seminar. hehe. If i know, everyone has this thought too. When the speaker finished discussing the second part of the seminar, we lively fell in the line to get foods since it was served in buffet style. Wow! The foods were so yummy and delicious!hehe. I really loved the served foods and tasted a number of foods. Yum! While we're still eating, the speaker continued the discussion and proceeded to the next activity. And, our next activity was the group workshop. I never thought that we would be grouped into a big group of 10 and we, from Powertech were grouped with the Samsung-Dvo branch participants as well as the Emcor participants. I really enjoyed our group workshop. We were just given a set of questionaire to fill in our answers based on what have been discussed with the handouts and brochures. What we did to make it fast was we divided the pages in the group and luckily we finished answering ahead of time. Well, I can say that we did our part and there was really a teamwork. Naks! Fortunately, we won! Our group got the highest score among the other groups and each of us in our group was given a sling netbook bag with the SAMSUNG tag as our prize. Our group felt overwhelmed. We then had a picture taking while holding our prize. Wow! It was really overwhelming. I met new faces there as well!

For me, it was a great experience and i was enjoying. I appreciated more the seminar especially when they gave us a SAMSUNG Sign pen with a case as a souvenir! It was nice! Thus, it made my day and my mood happy and gay. Looking forward to attend and encounter the same or more enjoyable seminar or training to come. :)