Thursday, October 22, 2009

PSI (Powertech Specialists, Inc)

So far, during my 2 weeks and 3 days working in PSI, I'm enjoying their company. I enjoy doing my tasks and I'm actually having fun with them especially with the Technical Engineers and the Cadets (trainees). I am also happy with my boss because he's so nice and friendly. I sometimes make or crack jokes with him and we found ourselves giggling. In short, we're getting close. Well, it's good for me so that I won't be ashamed to open up regarding the work like whenever I have queries and concerns. Right now, I am still adjusting and learning my mistakes. Naks. Well, not too bad I've got many revisions and one of the reasons of the revisions is my carelessness. Argh! However, I am still considered on this since I am still learning and coping up with my mistakes. Sometimes, I feel guilty because my boss is too kind to me, accommodating and very considerate. He is also motivated to teach me everything I need to know and learn event hough sometimes I feel like my thoughts are flying already while he is discussing. I need spongebob to help me absorb everything. hehe. Well, I'm feeling a bit pressured in my work since I'm under sales. We do have targets and many things to meet and consider. I just hope that I can make good impression to my boss and even my clients and I just don't want my boss to feel disappointed because of me.

Anyway, I have here few pictures from the technical people who are currently working in one of our on going projects which is the RCBCBajada branch for Structured Cabling and installation of CCTV camera and Alarm. Hopefully, I can buy and have my dream Digicam so that I can take more pictures. :)

Preparing UTP cables for the CCTV Camera

From left: Sir Pong(Our Boss), Brau(Technical Engineer),Ralph, Marlon, Amor, Ankol Alex, Richard, Mark, Jessie and Me.
This is the Vault Room

Jessie working on the Structured Cabling (Data and Voice Cabling).

Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Thoughts in my Mind

Well, it's 9:09 pm here in my lappy's clock. Right now, I am freaky full of jealousy after seeing and found out something! I'm feeling awkward about this because I started to freak out again like feeling discontented and discouraged on something in me which challenges me more. grrr! I can't help myself not to feel jealous (FYI: It has nothing to do with a boy-girl relationship!) It's like, i need someone, whom i used to tell my deepest thoughts and emotions, to talk with. Yet, it made me think again why not type and post it here as a way of unloading and get wrong thoughts and emotions away. The problem with me most often is that I am quite pessimistic.

Honestly, I hate challenges! Like what I always said, I am very much challenged now! However, I don't have the choice but rather go for it and face it. Yeah, I am very much aware that challenges are parcel of life and that we have to fight it. Waaah. I do believe that there would be a lot of challenges that I would be encountering soon especially on that special opportunity to come if God would allow and grant me that. :( Yes, though I feel excited and very delighted when this special opportunity comes to me at the right time, I feel quite sad and afraid for this day to come. It is because I would be faced with another bundle of challenges in my life. I guess the very reason why I'm afraid of challenges is the failure. I am afraid to encounter failure again. However, again I still don't have good choice for myself but rather face it and move on! Well, it's very easy to say this than to do it.

On the good side, I am still thankful for everything especially on my recent Job, having a very nice and accommodating Boss! I salute my boss for being so optimistic, nice, cool and for sharing his expertise and most of all, Gwapo!haha. But, don't you know that I am quite pressured on every good and positive things he is showing to me right now? It's because I am doubting that maybe I won't be able to reach or surpass his expectations and trust to me. I am intimidated to tell him frankly not to expect to much from me, because he really sees like everything positively and he is a very goal-oriented person! I am also intimidated to comment negatively since we are opposite in terms of attitude towards challenges. I just pray to God to bless and guide me for this. OMG!

So, for the jealousy I often times used to feel right now, it's better off to focus on myself for the meantime and do what i suppose to do. I need to be contented at this moment and start earning what i suppose to earn! For God be the Glory! ;)

Good Luck to me!