Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Father's Day

I have seen on tv particularly in HYY where actor John Estrada and his children exchanging sweet & special messages to each other. So touching to hear from them. With that, I got to relate their family situation and thought about my father then for this special day. That certain episode caught me and my conscience.

Honestly, Father's day for me is just an ordinary day and nothing special though. Well of course, I knew that Fathers are really important into our lives 'coz without them we wouldn't be existing in this rocky world. But, i feel this way 'coz our situation is abnormal. How nice it is to observe from others celebrating this special moment with their Father. Actually, there were times when I thought about how it would be like for me if I have a Father who's really with us. Uhh-uh how I wish he should be that cool and responsible Dad! :D

I used to live with a single parent, who is only my Mom. I have older brother also. Yeah my Father is still existing actually. He has his other family and he's living with them. I have half brothers and sisters. I don't have communication with my Father but hear updates about him from my relatives on his side. My grandparents and relatives on my father side recognize us as a family as well. We're good also. We live in the same province and place yet, its as if we're so far from each other. In fact, I am closed to my half elder sister. We're good and we treated each other as really siblings. If I'm going to tell or share a story about how my family situation started, it would be so confusing and that chaotic. Even I myself still have unanswered questions and don't have enough guts yet to ask deeper from my Mother. Because, it's like she got pissed with my father and his immorality. That's how I noticed from my mother so maybe some other time when everything is in the right time. :D Well, it's not a big deal for me though, I've accepted our situation and I've never regretted much for the absence of our Father. We're used to it since birth. Eventually, my mom supported us all the way and acted as a Father as well for me and my brother.

Anyway, going back... during Father's day I supposed not to greet my Father actually (so bad). Yet I was disturbed with my conscience so I sent a message to greet him. Of course, I still have some respect to him as a Father and whatever happened & what is happening He is still my Father. Before the day ended, I texted my half sister to greet father for me. Better that my sister replied with father's number and said to me to text Father rather. So, I texted him to his number and never received a response even until now. Well, I wasn't expecting too much from him but just only a reply of saying, Thank you would be enough. That was my first text to him after quite a long time with no communication, he should have given me as his daughter a little importance for my effort and by remembering him. With that, I've never felt his presence as a Father then and I got disappointed. Even until now whenever I think about it, I still feel disappointed on him. However, I didn't put more emotion into it or add up my hatred towards him. Life must go on! hehe. We're happily living and contended with our lives without him.

Atleast, I've had the effort to reach out for him on that day. :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Wish Granted!

Congratulations to me!hehe. Well, I just purchased a brand new Digicam! Atlast I own a camera now. You know what? I've been craving for this specific gadget for quite a long time. Now, I feel fulfilled and happy about it! Cheers!hihi.

At first, I was very much excited and felt disturbed everytime the idea of purchasing and possessing a camera crosses into my mind. I just can't wait too long to possess it that's why I was really eager to find ways for it. In fact, it came to a point when I got disappointed with my eagerness. I was already in a shop expecting to purchase the camera. Unfortunately my credit card was insufficient for that amount so, I failed and got disappointed! I felt teary-eyed and wanted to burst into tears. I felt ashamed and a bit sweating. All of my emotions that time were so disgusting to me and I just hid it 'coz I'm with my Beau. We were together going to that shop. I don't want him to think that I'm that desperate and to feel pity on me. tsk! I texted my mom to call me up then only to found out that my credit limit is only 15k and the amount of that camera was 16k plus! Tsk. With that, I have a lesson learned. I should have check everything first before tossing into something. huhu. Yet, I still managed myself and tried to understand about what had happened.

On the next day, I still felt disturbed about the camera. I kept on looking on the net, on ebay until I found one with 38% discount on the item. Guess what?! I didn't hesitate on buying it without thinking any risk that I may encounter about online shopping. I was very eager and excited enough to purchase it. Luckily, everything was successful! There was a prompt and positive response on my order from the seller. I let paypal processed the payment charged to my credit card. After a day, the item was delivered to me with free shipment fee through Air21 courier. I like it! This is my first time to buy an item through online. Great!

By the way, the Digicam I possessed right now is cheaper and has a lower quality and functionality compared to the first one which I supposed to buy from the shop. But it's as well great and a nice camera. I feel satisfied now. I have decided to better go for the cheaper so that it wouldn't be harder for me to pay for it. I'll make it into an installment basis. hmm. My life starts here... I now have a debt to settle. hehe. hmp.

Anyway, I have with me my Digicam now a gadget that I've long for ever since. I can now take pictures of my own without anymore borrowing from my friends. I'm so thankful for this one of my wishes granted to me. Thanks Lord for the guidance and blessings! :D Hopefully I could have all of my wish list granted as well! wooooohooooo!hehe. How I wish that my other wish will be granted also, hopefully I'm that lucky for it. :) (demanding... hihi)

Friday, June 3, 2011

It's nice to be Nice

I feel so flattered today! It's a nice & very flattering feeling when somebody gives you something, without you expecting for it.

Just today, I received these little things that made me feel so overwhelmed and feel valued! It's a "pasalubong" given to me by one of our clients in the bank. Thanks to Sir Erny for the pasalubong he gave me from his out of town trip to some of the Asian countries with his friends. By the way, she's a woman with a man's body. hehe. Anyway, he personally handed me this morning a "bling-bling" (bracelet) and a key chain carved with the word VIETNAM and it has a design of a typical house which can be seen as a tourist's attraction. How nice of him. Infairness, I accommodate our clients nicely! I'm as well nice to him. Sir Enry and I are not really that close yet whenever he transacts in the bank we used to have a little small talk sometimes. He feels so comfortable with me. He sometimes shares something that pissed him or just anything. Well, he's a chatty person. I used to appreciate him with his accessories or "Bling-blings" maybe that's the reason why he feels so comfortable with me then. Well, I really mean it undoubtedly though. He is as well a "fashionsita", fond of "Bling-blings"! hehe.

And for that I just said "Thank you" to him with a grin face! :D Thanks a lot!