Wednesday, December 22, 2010

PPP post

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Monday, December 20, 2010

The First Time & A Happy Time

Last weekends I traveled home in my hometown with a special friend (a boy). I filed a one day leave in the office so that I would have a long weekends when i arrive home. And, my weekends turned to be peaceful, friendly and great even though it was a long distance travel and quite tiring. I am so thankful for my family for their warm welcome toward this special friend of mine. Though at first when we arrived, there's a pressure yet thanks God again for everything was at ease and turned to be harmonious. There was a pressure in the beginning because my older brother seemed not happy and he greeted us with his frown face. And, my mother also seemed like stiff so i got pressured having that observation from them. Despite of it, I understand them since it was like my first time to bring a guy friend though I've told and already asked permission from them. Well, there was really no malice since we're just only friends and i admitted it that he's courting me at the moment. Luckily, later on, on that day alone... they cooperated and helped me welcome our guest. We had dinner and we had fun together with my family then. It was really great! It was my first time to experience like this moment. It seemed like I am introducing to them my husband to be and they have blessed us. haha.

Then, the time came to travel back to davao and to go back to reality. To go back to my responsibility, my work and being apart from my family again. I missed my family and i missed being at home. There's really no place like home as the popular saying goes. The time when we were at the terminal and riding a bus already my throat got stuck up and my eyes dropped some tears silently because I received a text message from my mom. It was so emotional and she said that she missed me so fast in just few minutes we left her home. So, i thank her also for everything for making us comfortable and for her good heart. I was also like wanted not to go back and stay with her but i have to 'coz of my work and my goals and dreams for us. It was one of the memorable moments of my life since then. :)

Monday, December 6, 2010

If only I could wish for this...

I so love the song entitled Stay sung by Carol Banawa. The tune and the lyrics are almost perfect for me. It reminds me then of someone. Hmm. Someone I was with when I sung this song and someone who became a part me...who taught me of the reality and whom I taught to love deeply despite of the complications between us.

Whenever I hear this song, it made me recall of that certain goodbye moment when I sung it with him. So, here's the song...

videokeman mp3
Stay – Carol Banawa Song Lyrics

Stay – Carol Banawa

I want you to stay
Never go away from me
Stay forever
But now, now that you’re gone
all I can do is pray for you
To be here beside me again

Why did you have to leave me
When you said that love will conquer all
why did you have to leave me
When you said that dreaming
Was as good as reality

And now I must move on
Trying to forget all the memories
Of you near me
But I can’t let go of your love
That has taught me to hold on

I want you to stay never go away from me
Stay forever

But now, now that you’re gone
All I can do is pray for you
To be here beside me again

(Repeat *)
And now I must move one
Trying to forget all the memories
Of you near me
But I can’t let go of your love
That has taught me to hold on

(Repeat *twice)

I want you to stay never go away from me
Stay forever

I want to stay but I have to go my way


Listen to Songs:

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Enterprise Bank - Buhangin Br

Enterprise Bank, Inc (EBI), Buhangin Branch is officially opened last November 30, 2010. We're so glad for the success of the Branch Inauguration. Thanks Lord for we made it with you! Here are few of the shots from my cellphone. :D

Friday, September 24, 2010

A moment with my current job

It's been awhile since the last time i visited my blog. Hmmm. I missed sharing or unloading different stories, emotions & experiences i had have the last weeks & days had passed. Somehow, I considered this blog as my diary and my best friend where I can share my deepest emotions thoughts and anything to help me lighten up my feelings. It's just that now, I can't easily visit and log-in to post something new here because I've been so busy with my work and I don't have an I-connection anymore at home. Before, I didn't worry much about the I-connection 'cause I have unlimited used of it.

Well to start with, I wanna share one story with my current job. I find it a funny stupid incident. hehe. I was like arguing with a client regarding a wrong bank statement he requested from me. Before I served this particular client, I was preoccupied with the other client who reported on that day that his cash deposit last last week has not been posted as he viewed his account balance. I wasn't able to post the deposit he made that time for my stupid mistake. I don't know how it happened where I gave the client the original copy instead of a duplicate copy, I was advised by the officers to Credit the amount to the client's account to reflect the deposit. So, i was supposed to do it when another client was on the counter waiting to be served for deposit. What i did is, I took the deposit slip& the cash from the client then the client requested a bank statement. I handed him the duplicate copy with the bank transaction statement printed at the back. Unconsciously, the bank statement i printed for him was from a different client's account, the one I supposed to settle. The client questioned me about his bank transactions 'coz he found it very different with his frown face and me, i kept explaining every deposit reflected on the statement. The funny thing was, I got irritated and trying to control my temper 'coz the client kept on asking me why it appeared like that. Only to find out, the account opened in the system wasn't his account, that I printed out a different bank statement. We're like having an argument on a a wrong bank statement which we both thought it's for him. Waaah. I was super ashmed and I felt like wanted to hide my face away from that client for that incident. And, my reaction was like I giggled silently at my stupid mistake & felt mad at myself. I was just so lucky because the client didn't explode his temper as well. Luckily, when i printed out the correct bank statement, he got silent and satisfied then. Hmp. OMG! I got super scared deep inside 'coz the moment he explodes, i'll be screwed if that would happen.

What a messy day, it was then.. hmp!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

I don't wanna stop

I don't wanna stop my tears from falling...

I don't wanna stop the pain from hurtin' my heart...

I don't wanna stop my eyes from seeing the things that would remind me of the memories...

I don't wanna stop my ears from hearing songs that made me think of you...

I don't wanna stop the memories from flashing on my mind...

I don't wanna stop my mind from thinkin' of you...

I don't wanna stop myself from missing you...

I don't wanna stop my heart from loving you...

I don't wanna stop my heart from holding on to your promises...

...All I want is the OPPOSITE, to stop everything and to leave me free from pain.

Yet, it's not so easy to do so, thus time is the only answer for me to accept & to move on.

A result of a person suffering from pain and heart breaks, like me. hmp! :(

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

a wonderful birthday gift

Tomorrow is my special day, 14th day of July. I'm really not that excited for this day to come yet I'm so thankful for the advanced gift I've received. I can say that this would be the one of the most wonderful gift I've ever had. I'm also thankful to God for this blessing He showered upon me.

Well, last April 2010 I took the CSC exam, prof level. Just yesterday I searched on google the result. While accessing the site, i can feel that my heart beats so fast. I'm feeling "kabado".hehe. Besides, the site loads very slow which increases my tension. Luckily when I scrolled down the list alphabetically, I found my name! OMG. I can't believe yet. I checked first every detail like the type of exam, date, location, etc. for me to surely believe on what i found out. Well, no joke, it's really true! I feel so overwhelm knowing that I have passed this exam since there are a lot of people who long to pass the eligibility exam. The first person whom I shared this good news was my Mother. She's so happy as well and congratulated me for my effort and achievement. A great achievement for me.

Eventually, having passed this eligibility exam gave me the confidence & courage to continue with my goals and dreams. I'm looking forward to be able to fight the challenges I'm gonna encounter as I continue my journey. I really commend the saying "At the end of the tunnel there is always light". Indeed true! Whenever you encounter failures, hardships, etc just be patient and don't lose hope. Just continue on living and moving for the better. Apart from the obstacles I faced previously I become a strong person and mature individual especially in facing the battles of life. :)

Monday, July 5, 2010

miss it!

I miss blogging! ahmp. I have no longer enough time to do blogging and besides i have limited access on the internet now.huhu. I'm busy with my current work. I now used to go home late from office. Luckily tonight, I was able to go home early before 7 pm.

Hoping to post more updates... hehe.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

at this moment

Next week is going to be a totally different world! Well, next week will start my training on my new employer. I'm feeling a bit excited yet i have this feeling also of sadness, mixed emotions though. I feel sad because I'm gonna miss my previous office mates, the fun and bonding we had. huhu. I can really say that I enjoyed being and working with them even for a quite short time. Actually, I'm really having hard times thinking or deciding on the opportunities that I am confronted with right now. Well, i have to choose whether to stay with my current job or to pursue with one of my dreams to work in a bank. Both of them are close to my heart so I need to discern. It really made me think so seriously and to consider some factors so that i can decide rightly. Until, i made my decision, a fixed decision.

I filed a resignation so I can start processing everything that I need to process. I was really hesitated to submit the resignation letter because I don't want them to think silly thoughts and also I don't wanna see their emotions of my leaving from work. When the superiors in the office knew about my resignation, one of them confessed something that touched me heartily. My boss told me some of the things during their conversation like their appreciation with my little contribution and their positive feelings towards me while working with them. Somehow, despite of my shortcomings they as well appreciated me. When my boss confessed about it to me by phone, my tears flew down suddenly and my throat got stocked up while trying to stop my tears. I was trying to clear my throat before i spoke so he won't notice me. Luckily, he didn't. Well, I'm just thankful for everything despite of everything. hehe. haay. I just can't express my deepest emotions into words.

Now, I always pray to God to guide me with my decision, to continue blessing me in everything I do especially in my career and family. And, of course I always ask for forgiveness :(. I just wish that everything would be smooth as I continue my journey and facing challenges and struggles of life.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

May 1, 2010

May 1 is a Labor day. In this year, since it falls on Saturday the holiday was moved on Monday. So, employees particularly the Government Offices would really enjoy a long holiday! Hmmm. Anyway, in my personal matter this date marked a remarkable point in life. Why? hmm. Well, it's just that the DAMAGE HAS BEEN DONE. This is how i can simply and accurately describe the incident which becomes remarkable for me. Haayy, it's quite regretful! I don't understand my feelings on that day due to mixed emotions. I wanted to cry yet it's like my mind tried to question me for doing so. My mind is like saying "It happened already, you can't blame anyone else anymore. So. move on and don't let it happen again". Haayy! How i really wish that i could have full control over it. Now i can recall when the times I said to others and to myself that it's impossible to happen to me though I'm not closing my thoughts that it wouldn't happen, it's possible to happen. Well, let me just keep it to myself for now about this burden or the cause of everything of what I'm saying here. I'm a type of person who's very secretive and silent because i just want privacy. My purpose of posting it here is just to unload this heavy feelings i have which I can't dare to open up to somebody else. I don't have the strength yet to share the whole story.

Like I've said, I'm having regrets with the incident happened because it was too unfair. One is not deserving. It would be special though if one deserves it. Well, I excused this moment for now but when it happened for many times, it would be crazy and stupid anymore! I might cursed the one involved and it would be hard for me to forgive myself.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

2 Thumbs Up!

Today, we attended the product seminar of SAMSUNG IT Products & Solutions at Marco Polo Hotel Davao City. It was a satisfactory training and was conducted by the the Sales Technical from Manila. For the first time, I enjoyed and appreciated the seminar or training. So far, it was my third time to attend this kind of seminar/training in my job right now but I appreciate this seminar more and enjoy it more. Well, we arrived an hour late at the venue, as expected we sat at the last row. At first, while listening and trying to absorb the information being discussed by the speaker I find myself so drowsy. It's quite hard to listen like it goes out from my one ear to the other. The lunch time hit and everybody felt hungry. I got excited since i was really after of the food and take lunch at the seminar. hehe. If i know, everyone has this thought too. When the speaker finished discussing the second part of the seminar, we lively fell in the line to get foods since it was served in buffet style. Wow! The foods were so yummy and delicious!hehe. I really loved the served foods and tasted a number of foods. Yum! While we're still eating, the speaker continued the discussion and proceeded to the next activity. And, our next activity was the group workshop. I never thought that we would be grouped into a big group of 10 and we, from Powertech were grouped with the Samsung-Dvo branch participants as well as the Emcor participants. I really enjoyed our group workshop. We were just given a set of questionaire to fill in our answers based on what have been discussed with the handouts and brochures. What we did to make it fast was we divided the pages in the group and luckily we finished answering ahead of time. Well, I can say that we did our part and there was really a teamwork. Naks! Fortunately, we won! Our group got the highest score among the other groups and each of us in our group was given a sling netbook bag with the SAMSUNG tag as our prize. Our group felt overwhelmed. We then had a picture taking while holding our prize. Wow! It was really overwhelming. I met new faces there as well!

For me, it was a great experience and i was enjoying. I appreciated more the seminar especially when they gave us a SAMSUNG Sign pen with a case as a souvenir! It was nice! Thus, it made my day and my mood happy and gay. Looking forward to attend and encounter the same or more enjoyable seminar or training to come. :)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Reminds me of "You"

There I go. I'm loving the songs entitled COLLIDE by Howie Day and SCIENTIST by Coldplay at this time. Though these are no longer new to my ears and i have already heard these years ago, I still find these so fresh, inspiring but they remind me of Someone. Someone who... shall I say..ahmmm. who put stain in my unstained life. Well, let me just keep it to myself about the stain it caused. I won't just bother to elaborate it here. hmm.

Anyway, it started when I opened my cousin's computer and found a compiled acoustic songs from different artists a folder labeled, MP3. Then, I tried and started to play first the song, Collide. I didn't notice until a number of music were played when one particular song playing has the title SCIENTIST by coldplay. I like the song. It was the only time when I had an idea of the title of the song. These two songs, as mentioned really remind me of a certain person. Whenever i hear these songs, I just can't help not to think about the person. haaayyy. Though this someone started to mess up my life, I am still feeling happy and comfortable whenever where're together and I HATE this feeling! I'ts just so hard to stop myself and for that certain person to lessen or stop messing up my life! grrr. hmp. The only thing i can do is to pray and offer to God the burdens.

Honestly, I don't really understand myself why i still love and keep on listening these two songs behind the ill memories. When I view it in the right way, it is an ill memory really but... happy memory i guess in the opposite way. hahay.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Serious matter

Just this morning, I and my Aunt attended sunday mass at Victoria Plaza mall. We used to attend sunday mass there. Then, I was solemnly listening every word that has been preached until the priest started to read the gospel. Well, the gospel talked about Adultery. Tsk, tsk, tsk. As we all knew, Adultery is one of the deadly sins which was also declared by Moses in his 10 commandments. Upon hearing it, I became more interested to listen every word by heart. I then said to myself, what a perfect sunday to hear that gospel. Well, this scenario or issue is no longer new to individual. As what other say, we're only human who easily get tempted. Talking about temptation, which I also heard from one of the priest months ago in his homely when he said that Temptation is not a Sin. Temptation is just an invitation for you to commit a sin. Yeah right! I really put this into my mind. So, you'll commit a sin if you accept that kind of invitation. It's just up to us whether or not to allow or accept it to happen in our respective life. So, we really have to use our initiative or we must have to think different circumstances to happen before doing so. However, most often we can't avoid it that easily due to our weaknesses as a human being.

Anyway, going back to the gospel... this became an issue to my personal life. Obviously, i lived with this because my biological father has this situation or we have this situation in life. The only thing that made me at ease with this matter was when i learned from the gospel that God did not condemn that woman who committed adultery but He told to that woman to go and see no more. This means that, that woman was not being condemned but told to move on and to start a new life away from committing that sin again. That's so great! God is really so great by forgiving and giving us another chance to live a new life apart from everything. And, this also made me realize why Jesus wanted to be closed to the wicked because He wanted them to come back to the Father and repent.

I'm hoping for my friend to succeed from this serious matter because she is right now struggling. Her conscience keeps on nagging her every time she and that committed man spend time together. As what the both of them told me, they're just loving each other and enjoying the moment when they are together. It's just so sad because the man is legally committed. My friend is really bothered because she never ever expected it to happen and doesn't want to be involved but she started to love the man. She's making ways to avoid it and correct the wrong ones but she's having hard times letting go of it. I'm really hoping and praying for her to get through with it and someday she's gonna meet a man destined for her and having a job she really dreamed of. I'm also hoping for her long lasting happiness rather than that forbidden and short time happiness.

Above all of this, I do appreciate the gospel and the learnings I've got.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


I'm selling a brand new NOKIA TVN79 touch screen china phone with the following specs:

  • TV Mobile Phone
  • MP3/MP4/DV
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  • 2.2 inch TFT touch screen
  • LED Flashlight
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  • 1 battery
See below for Images...

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Year Twenty-O-nine

Twenty-O-nine (2009) had bid farewell just a month ago. As it ended, I realized and started to recall all the things that happened to me during the whole year of 2009. I can really say that it made a remarkable moment in my life. Remarkable in the sense that, I got my college diploma, I started to experience the reality of life, I've got deep failures, I had my first job experience and of course, I got a job. I also have undergone many and different events and scenarios of happiness, struggles, burdens and many things that really put colors for the year 2009.

During that year, the worst scenario that I've ever encountered in my whole life was when "married" men were seriously and madly revealing their deepest affections toward me. The first one and the second one, since this scenario happened twice. In fairness, those men were young, admirable and gentle. I would just only be drooling on them. According to them, they never expected and intended to feel that intense affection for me. It just happened unintentionally. When it happened for the second time, I noticed from both of them that they have similar reasons and confessions. It was really not easy especially when you found the characteristics of your ideal man to them. I was so amazed of this experience because I really find it so awkward, uneasy and terrible. It made me wonder why it came to this point where in fact, I did nothing and I even did not seduce or show interest to them since I know that they can't be mine anymore. Truly! Eventually, I continued to fight for what is right even how hard it was.

I also felt so much depression and frustrations. I started to hate challenges when I was greatly challenged of the things I was facing. Yet, I kept trying to view it in a positive way to uplift and give hope to myself. Consequently, I become mature despite all of these. It gave me a realization of what really life is. It also teaches me to have more faith to God, to accept reality and to move on for the better!

I am so thankful for the Year 2009 for all the pleasant and unpleasant experiences that I've gone through.