Thursday, March 25, 2010

Reminds me of "You"

There I go. I'm loving the songs entitled COLLIDE by Howie Day and SCIENTIST by Coldplay at this time. Though these are no longer new to my ears and i have already heard these years ago, I still find these so fresh, inspiring but they remind me of Someone. Someone who... shall I say..ahmmm. who put stain in my unstained life. Well, let me just keep it to myself about the stain it caused. I won't just bother to elaborate it here. hmm.

Anyway, it started when I opened my cousin's computer and found a compiled acoustic songs from different artists a folder labeled, MP3. Then, I tried and started to play first the song, Collide. I didn't notice until a number of music were played when one particular song playing has the title SCIENTIST by coldplay. I like the song. It was the only time when I had an idea of the title of the song. These two songs, as mentioned really remind me of a certain person. Whenever i hear these songs, I just can't help not to think about the person. haaayyy. Though this someone started to mess up my life, I am still feeling happy and comfortable whenever where're together and I HATE this feeling! I'ts just so hard to stop myself and for that certain person to lessen or stop messing up my life! grrr. hmp. The only thing i can do is to pray and offer to God the burdens.

Honestly, I don't really understand myself why i still love and keep on listening these two songs behind the ill memories. When I view it in the right way, it is an ill memory really but... happy memory i guess in the opposite way. hahay.

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