Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Worth Remembering

Yesterday, March 28, 2011 was the natal day of one of the very special persons in my life, my Beau! We together with my friends, the Rapapiz, surprisingly celebrated his birthday at NCCC mall. I made a reservation in one of an exclusive rooms called, Family Room. The said room has a videoke with comfortable sofa and dinning tables. The place is quite relaxing and very wide. We had fun together with Rapapipz (my boardmates, this is how we call our group). Actually, I surprised him for this and he was greatly surprised as well! I truly appreciated the effort and support from my Rapapiz! I didn't expect from them to have that effort of helping me make my beau's birthday more special. So, I got super surprised seeing them and their preparation especially the gift. I feel so overwhelm for what they did 'coz I only expect a very simple and a minimal support from them. It was indeed a worth remembering moment!

I honestly got so touched from them 'coz it was like my first time to experience this kind of super effort and super support from my friends though we have only been together for quite a short period of time. If you think about it, they are just your new companions yet they have given you more than what you've expected as if you've been through together for a longer period of time. They are also a blessing to me! Thanks Lord!

As we celebrated my beau's birthday, we're so full 'coz the foods tasted so yummy and delicious! We as well have a sing-a-long and we truly enjoyed the moment. I can see through his reaction and his facial expression how happy and surprised he was for what we have prepared for him. In fact, this is my first time to do this kind of surprise ever since in my life! Even with my family, I've never had this done yet. I guess having this observation in myself now, He become truly special to me. And, this is also the right time for me to show and give him what he deserves! 'Coz more than anything else, he has been showing and giving me more than enough! Another surprise also that I prepared for him is a Love Letter! This was what he asked before his birthday and I responded unpleasantly to him. It was because I haven't tried yet to make and give one to someone so I was like pressured! But, I tried and without him knowing I silently prepared the letter, the lengthiest letter I've ever made! I made it hand written and I felt my right hand got tired. With this, I have a realization that If you really love the person, it's really very that easy to make and give that person something that would make him happier! I don't really expected it that I can make it that easy. I thanked him also for the inspiration! In my letter, I have expressed to him everything from the beginning to the present.

Well, as what he said to me after he read my letter, he found himself very emotional. He was able to drop some tears while reading through and got so overwhelmed! Fortunately, everything turned to be successful! We're able to make his day a memorable Birthday he has ever had in his 28 years! :D

Nice one! I considered it as a great achievement for me somehow. I also feel overwhelm with what I've done! ! :D I was able to make all of us, Him and my friends, Happy. Hope I could continue it...

Thursday, March 24, 2011

A blessed Friend

I feel so happy for this friend of mine. It's like the achievement that he has is truly a blessing. We've known each other almost 8 years already. His name is Roc. He's known for that name in our campus in college. He has his own passion now which I've never expected for him to be on that path. He is now a member of an organization that aims to help and motivate those unfortunate people around Asia. Imagine, around Asia! They are traveling and visiting provinces and now traveling outside Philippines. I'm so proud of his new passion! It's really a great experience because it's not only yourself that benefits it but the community and of course God as well. At his early age and despite of what he had before, he's able to renew his life and reach out to those kind of people. He even find himself happy, enjoying and willing to take risk for the sake of his passion. We used to communicate and he shared with me his experiences with his companions who are in different races. He finds them nice to be with! There's really unity within them.

I'm just kinda amazed with what he is and has right now. 'Coz before I've known him just like a typical guy who used to cut classes before, got failure grades and addicted to online games specifically, DOTA. Though he has that kind of behavior, he's still nice, God-fearing and kind-hearted. Maybe he was just influenced with his friends and the trends during early college days. Hope that he may have more courage and passion to help those people, the community and God. I envy him for having that passion actually. Yet, we have different lucks in life. I just pray to God for whatever path i will be having. :D

Friday, March 18, 2011

My Wish list

Hmm. These are some of the things I've greatly longed for at the moment of my life... O_O How I really wish that someday, somehow I'd able to possess all of these.

  • Iphone/Ipad
  • Digital Camera
  • Fashionable Branded Wrist Watch

Wish, wish, wish my wishes would come true! hehe.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


@ the reception hall

March 5, 2011 was the date of my beau's older brother's wedding. I was there in the celebration and this was the first time when I met his brothers, relatives and friends! It was fine and a cheerful day! In fact, during our first meeting I felt so comfortable with them maybe because I've already met his mother and the Bride prior to the wedding. :D They treated me so well ! It's like I've been already part of their family for quite long! I even felt so at ease and I appeared to them naturally. It's like we've been together since then. hehe. Well, atlast this kind of experience i have had already been realized. Luckily this first encounter of mine is a pleasant experience. Though before it was just only in my thoughts that someday I would be having a moment or bonding moment with my beau's family and it did happen now with him! It was indeed a great experience!

Hoping for more of it soon... and hope that we'll last together! hehe.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Our 2nd Monthsary!

Every 30th of the month is our Monthsary yet last month (February) has only 28 days so, we celebrated our 2nd monthsary on March 2, 2011. Hmp! hehe. In fact, some of my friends teased me about it. Well, we celebrated it on the 2nd day of this month to make it on the 30th day. hehe. Anyway, since it was a weekday, after I gone out from the office I went to the Mall and bought a simple greeting card for him. We as well met at the mall then, he brought me to a Japanese cuisine or restaurant. I never thought about it, actually. It was my first time to have dinner in that kind of restaurant since I'm not really fond of this stuff. Yet, I still find it good for a change! At least I have already tried. I just don't know how to use chopsticks! I just simply and proudly used the spoon and fork! hehe.

Moreover, I'm still happily thankful for another month for our relationship. So far, I am contented and I feel happy with him. Though, I have this mood swing most often he's still trying to understand me and show me his full concern and love. It's like what he was showing me before remains and never fades until now. Hopefully, he will remain and would change for the good! naks! I Love it! hehe. Well, on my part, as what i observed in myself, I'm loving him. I can say that I am totally comfortable with him now which I never noticed it previously from my past relationships. I am also working on my shortcomings on him and hoping that I can show and assure him that I am serious and I do Love him! It's just that, even I myself have a hard time understanding my feelings. Maybe due to my Immaturity. I'm just so lucky that he's my boyfriend 'coz he is mature enough now. He knows how to balance our situation. He is mature enough to understand me, his feelings, our relationship maybe because of our age gap. He's 5 years older than me. Hmmm. I love to be pampered by him and the way he treated me like a "Princess". hehe. Yeah, I've realized that I'am so lucky for having him in my life now. I'm thankful to God for who and what I have right now for all the blessings. :D

And there's more... He gave me his masterpiece! A charcoal paint of Me! Nice! :D He really tried to make one for me. hmm. Here's it..

Here are our few pix @ Japanese Resto...

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Matapos ako makapagtapos sa aking pag-aaral dalawang taong nakalipas, minsan napapaisip ako paano kaya kung yun kursong may board exam yun kinuha ko... yun ipinagtapos ko. Minsan naiinggit ako o nakakainggit pag masdan yun mga may lisensya o propisyon lalo na't ako'y may pangarap na magkaroon ng masagana at may salapi. Noon, akala ko kaya ko lang kunin o abutin yun simpleng pangarap ko. Sa aking kamusmusan noon, akala ko madali lng abutin yun mga pangarap ko sa sarili ko at pangarap na mapasaya ang pamilya ko. Hanggang sa ako'y nakipagsapalaran at patuloy na nakikipagsapalaran, napaisip ulit ako at aking napagtanto na hindi pala ganoon kadali ang mga ito. Ang daling sabihin at isipin ngunit mahirap din palang gawin. Lalong lalo na't ako'y karaniwang tao lamang na tulad din ng karamihan na karaniwan batay sa karera. Kaya lubos akong napaisip sa ngayon kung ano din kaya yun maging buhay ko kung ako ay may lisensya at propisyon din. Tiyak din siguro ay maaabot ko ang mga ito sa aking kadalubhaasan at maliwanag ang aking landas na tela bang may tiyak na paruruonan o deriksyon ang karera. At magkaroon din ng tiyak na matagumpay na buhay! Bilang isang karaniwan, hindi ganoon kadali magkaroon ng masagana at matagumpay na buhay lalong lalo na't hindi ka gagapang sa butas ng karayom at hndi mo ito pagtuonan ng pansin at bumuhos ng mala-"swimming pool" na pawis at sakripisyo.

Datapwat, ako'y umaasa na makontento din sa pagiging karaniwan ko at magkaroon ng simple at masayang pamumuhay. Hindi naman ako lubos na nagsisi sa kung anong buhay ko ngayon, samakatwid masaya din naman ako lalo na't may mga tao ding umuunawa at nagmamahal sa akin. Nagpapasalamat din ako na sa kabila ng lahat mayroong simple at magaang buhay ako ngayon na hindi tulad ng iba na may mga kapatid at magulang na sinusustentohan at nanghihingi. Minsan nga lang bunga ng inggit ay nagkakaroon ako ng mga hindi kanais-nais na saloobin. Ngunit, ako'y patuloy na ngpapasalamat at nananalangin parin sa panginoon at humihingi ng gabay at maraming pang biyaya sa aking paglalakbay. :D