Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Worth Remembering

Yesterday, March 28, 2011 was the natal day of one of the very special persons in my life, my Beau! We together with my friends, the Rapapiz, surprisingly celebrated his birthday at NCCC mall. I made a reservation in one of an exclusive rooms called, Family Room. The said room has a videoke with comfortable sofa and dinning tables. The place is quite relaxing and very wide. We had fun together with Rapapipz (my boardmates, this is how we call our group). Actually, I surprised him for this and he was greatly surprised as well! I truly appreciated the effort and support from my Rapapiz! I didn't expect from them to have that effort of helping me make my beau's birthday more special. So, I got super surprised seeing them and their preparation especially the gift. I feel so overwhelm for what they did 'coz I only expect a very simple and a minimal support from them. It was indeed a worth remembering moment!

I honestly got so touched from them 'coz it was like my first time to experience this kind of super effort and super support from my friends though we have only been together for quite a short period of time. If you think about it, they are just your new companions yet they have given you more than what you've expected as if you've been through together for a longer period of time. They are also a blessing to me! Thanks Lord!

As we celebrated my beau's birthday, we're so full 'coz the foods tasted so yummy and delicious! We as well have a sing-a-long and we truly enjoyed the moment. I can see through his reaction and his facial expression how happy and surprised he was for what we have prepared for him. In fact, this is my first time to do this kind of surprise ever since in my life! Even with my family, I've never had this done yet. I guess having this observation in myself now, He become truly special to me. And, this is also the right time for me to show and give him what he deserves! 'Coz more than anything else, he has been showing and giving me more than enough! Another surprise also that I prepared for him is a Love Letter! This was what he asked before his birthday and I responded unpleasantly to him. It was because I haven't tried yet to make and give one to someone so I was like pressured! But, I tried and without him knowing I silently prepared the letter, the lengthiest letter I've ever made! I made it hand written and I felt my right hand got tired. With this, I have a realization that If you really love the person, it's really very that easy to make and give that person something that would make him happier! I don't really expected it that I can make it that easy. I thanked him also for the inspiration! In my letter, I have expressed to him everything from the beginning to the present.

Well, as what he said to me after he read my letter, he found himself very emotional. He was able to drop some tears while reading through and got so overwhelmed! Fortunately, everything turned to be successful! We're able to make his day a memorable Birthday he has ever had in his 28 years! :D

Nice one! I considered it as a great achievement for me somehow. I also feel overwhelm with what I've done! ! :D I was able to make all of us, Him and my friends, Happy. Hope I could continue it...

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