Thursday, March 24, 2011

A blessed Friend

I feel so happy for this friend of mine. It's like the achievement that he has is truly a blessing. We've known each other almost 8 years already. His name is Roc. He's known for that name in our campus in college. He has his own passion now which I've never expected for him to be on that path. He is now a member of an organization that aims to help and motivate those unfortunate people around Asia. Imagine, around Asia! They are traveling and visiting provinces and now traveling outside Philippines. I'm so proud of his new passion! It's really a great experience because it's not only yourself that benefits it but the community and of course God as well. At his early age and despite of what he had before, he's able to renew his life and reach out to those kind of people. He even find himself happy, enjoying and willing to take risk for the sake of his passion. We used to communicate and he shared with me his experiences with his companions who are in different races. He finds them nice to be with! There's really unity within them.

I'm just kinda amazed with what he is and has right now. 'Coz before I've known him just like a typical guy who used to cut classes before, got failure grades and addicted to online games specifically, DOTA. Though he has that kind of behavior, he's still nice, God-fearing and kind-hearted. Maybe he was just influenced with his friends and the trends during early college days. Hope that he may have more courage and passion to help those people, the community and God. I envy him for having that passion actually. Yet, we have different lucks in life. I just pray to God for whatever path i will be having. :D

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