Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy 1st Monthsary!

The date today is January 31, 2011 but the blog date here is a day delayed. Anyway, yesterday we had have our 1st monthsary as a Lover! Well, I'm so thankful that we're able to make it together which is a good start for our relationship. 'Am also thankful for him for he still manage to understand me and very willing to give his all, despite of my immaturity ! :D He is still there for me, showing everything which sometimes, I failed to appreciate it. I love what he's showing me it's just that I'm not that expressive or showy with my affection. 'Am working on it, though! I like him also 'coz he has the confidence, he showed me enough effort and very open.

What we had yesterday was first, we attended sunday mass late afternoon then we went to a special ,solemn place and surrounded by sea water. :D A restaurant named, Pirata Jetty inside Water Front Hotel & Casino. Great! It was my first time in the restaurant though I've once seen it from apart before. When we're already in the place, the waiter guided us to our table. He really had an effort to make a reservation for us early in the morning. Wow! How impressive!hehe. Our ordered foods tasted so good and yummy! We're both full and it was a fine night! Well, I can say that our first month celebration isn't that intimate since we are still intimidated in expressing our warm feelings to each other especially me! hehe. It's normal! Looking forward for the progress, hopefully! I can as well sense his gentleness and his respect to me. Afterwards, we went home and we enjoyed talking and reminiscing those moments when we first met and the "sparks" that we felt before, as it progresses at the present.

And one thing is that, I actually feel guilty. Guilty in the sense that I've came to realize that what he is showing is too much for me especially, when he gave me his advanced gift for our first monthsary. A plane tickets to manila and back to Davao. Wow! I felt so excited and i have this mixed emotions when I received & read it through email! It's one of the most special gifts and my first time! While me, Looking at me... I don't even have the effort to prepare something even just a little & simple thing for him. Tsk. I am so selfish! But, it doesn't mean that I am that ingrate I'am as well thinking about it deeply and hoping to give him the best that i can give as we go along with our relationship. Though he is not after of it yet, somehow i should have to. hmm.

Well, I simply feel happy and contented right now. I pray to God that He will guide and bless us especially our relationship. I want to focus with him now and wishing he's the One! hehe. It's like I'm afraid to lose him now! Is this really LOVE?? ahmm :D

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Career Mode

Right now, I feel like disoriented personally after hearing a rumor that their would be a change of one of the officers particularly the BOO here in our branch in Buhangin. I have this kind of feeling because I have to adjust again to my immediate supervisor if this would happen. This would be my third time to adjust to three different superiors in a span of 7 months since i was hired. It's quite hard when you already set your mind on a specific person or thing. Well, I called it a rumor since it's not yet formalized but, 60% of it is true. So, I'm agitated again. It came to a point again that I'm like giving up on my current job due to lack of security. Anytime, I would be assigned or transferred somewhere else with not enough compensation. I feel so unsecured.

Actually, one of my plans is to stay about a year or two to gain and practice my knowledge and abilities on a specific task or job. Oh God, guide and help me decide wisely. I feel discourage 'coz it's like you keep on adjusting on your working environment especially the people you'll be with or your job location is so uncertain. Its really so uncertain and you'll feel unsatisfied. Aside from my concern on adjustment, you won't be motivated because of the low compensation. Not enough and that is my impression and even with most of the employees. How much more on the employees who have family or children. It feels quite hard when you already conditioned yourself to a specific location where you already used to. It makes me realize and force me to look for another stable job wherein I'am certain and secured.

Honestly, I really don't know where, what and how to do it though i have many plans in mind. It' so easy to think that way and say but hard to put in action. I still have a lot to consider first. In order for me to calm and organize my thoughts, I'd better stick first to my plan of staying with the company and i would slowly look for opportunities around until I got to have One for me. As for now, I am faithfully praying for God's guidance, asking for more strength and patience in my career life. Hoping for more inspiration so i can pursue my plans. So help me God. :D

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

So in Love...

Happy New year! Welcome year 2011! Well, before 2010 ends, it was like 2 days more for the year 2011 to take over, I had this very wonderful experience or moment. It's like a last minute blessing from God. Woaw! hehe. I never thought I'd meet this someone so fast after i had a terrible affair or romantic relationship with my previous lover that our fate has never been destined for each other. I never thought that I would feel this kind of feelings or emotions i have right now with this Someone. I am feeling soooo Happy and 'am like so in love. This is my first time really that I feel so free to show my love and care to someone. I so love this feeling. hehe. OMG.

Hopefully, God would always there for us and we may always seek His guidance and presence as we go along with what we just started to build up (our love). Thank you Lord for this feeling and for the blessings. :D