Friday, September 24, 2010

A moment with my current job

It's been awhile since the last time i visited my blog. Hmmm. I missed sharing or unloading different stories, emotions & experiences i had have the last weeks & days had passed. Somehow, I considered this blog as my diary and my best friend where I can share my deepest emotions thoughts and anything to help me lighten up my feelings. It's just that now, I can't easily visit and log-in to post something new here because I've been so busy with my work and I don't have an I-connection anymore at home. Before, I didn't worry much about the I-connection 'cause I have unlimited used of it.

Well to start with, I wanna share one story with my current job. I find it a funny stupid incident. hehe. I was like arguing with a client regarding a wrong bank statement he requested from me. Before I served this particular client, I was preoccupied with the other client who reported on that day that his cash deposit last last week has not been posted as he viewed his account balance. I wasn't able to post the deposit he made that time for my stupid mistake. I don't know how it happened where I gave the client the original copy instead of a duplicate copy, I was advised by the officers to Credit the amount to the client's account to reflect the deposit. So, i was supposed to do it when another client was on the counter waiting to be served for deposit. What i did is, I took the deposit slip& the cash from the client then the client requested a bank statement. I handed him the duplicate copy with the bank transaction statement printed at the back. Unconsciously, the bank statement i printed for him was from a different client's account, the one I supposed to settle. The client questioned me about his bank transactions 'coz he found it very different with his frown face and me, i kept explaining every deposit reflected on the statement. The funny thing was, I got irritated and trying to control my temper 'coz the client kept on asking me why it appeared like that. Only to find out, the account opened in the system wasn't his account, that I printed out a different bank statement. We're like having an argument on a a wrong bank statement which we both thought it's for him. Waaah. I was super ashmed and I felt like wanted to hide my face away from that client for that incident. And, my reaction was like I giggled silently at my stupid mistake & felt mad at myself. I was just so lucky because the client didn't explode his temper as well. Luckily, when i printed out the correct bank statement, he got silent and satisfied then. Hmp. OMG! I got super scared deep inside 'coz the moment he explodes, i'll be screwed if that would happen.

What a messy day, it was then.. hmp!

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