Monday, December 20, 2010

The First Time & A Happy Time

Last weekends I traveled home in my hometown with a special friend (a boy). I filed a one day leave in the office so that I would have a long weekends when i arrive home. And, my weekends turned to be peaceful, friendly and great even though it was a long distance travel and quite tiring. I am so thankful for my family for their warm welcome toward this special friend of mine. Though at first when we arrived, there's a pressure yet thanks God again for everything was at ease and turned to be harmonious. There was a pressure in the beginning because my older brother seemed not happy and he greeted us with his frown face. And, my mother also seemed like stiff so i got pressured having that observation from them. Despite of it, I understand them since it was like my first time to bring a guy friend though I've told and already asked permission from them. Well, there was really no malice since we're just only friends and i admitted it that he's courting me at the moment. Luckily, later on, on that day alone... they cooperated and helped me welcome our guest. We had dinner and we had fun together with my family then. It was really great! It was my first time to experience like this moment. It seemed like I am introducing to them my husband to be and they have blessed us. haha.

Then, the time came to travel back to davao and to go back to reality. To go back to my responsibility, my work and being apart from my family again. I missed my family and i missed being at home. There's really no place like home as the popular saying goes. The time when we were at the terminal and riding a bus already my throat got stuck up and my eyes dropped some tears silently because I received a text message from my mom. It was so emotional and she said that she missed me so fast in just few minutes we left her home. So, i thank her also for everything for making us comfortable and for her good heart. I was also like wanted not to go back and stay with her but i have to 'coz of my work and my goals and dreams for us. It was one of the memorable moments of my life since then. :)

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