Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Catastrophes as repayment

Tsk. It gets super alarming as the frequent calamities happening and hitting around the world. As it hit a certain place, it really left dreadful effects. So scarry... Just today, I've read the latest & major disaster, Tornado that hit USA particularly @ Joplin, Missourri. The deadliest tornado that happened in that state according to the people. Tsk, tsk, tsk. How terrible it was, I've seen a captured scene at Yahoo news. There was again a terrible damages on buildings, transportation, lives of thousands of people, etc. It's the same effect with what happened in Japan. The government and the rescue teams are doing hand in hand in rescuing the people especially those who are still missing. The place got so chaotic aftermath.

OMG! It's like, God is gradually starting to repay us all our sinful deeds. All we need & must do is to pray always and ask forgiveness for all the sins we have committed. Our faith is the most important now for God listens to us when we call His name. We should always seek God in all times. I am as well praying to God for His continuous protection and guidance. It's really very scary and maybe one of these days Philippines would be the next to be hit. Let's just be open minded for we never know... It's only God who knows everything that is why we should always have our faith and prayer.

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