Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Heart's Day

February 14, 2011 is a Valentine's Day. It's when LOVE has been emphasized and celebrated with Roses and balloons by most couples especially lovers! Well, I and Him had a romantic dinner at the "Entree" inside Apo view Hotel which is a quite pricey and very romantic place. I like it there especially the food. I can say that they serve best and yummy buffet. I love it! Ahm, I enjoyed the dinner with him inspite of the misunderstanding we had have later at that moment. Anyway, I just felt guilty because I failed to Thank him for his efforts and for bringing me to that place. Tsk. I should somehow say "Thank you" despite of the misunderstanding we had due to my immaturity again. Grr! He got so sensitive 'coz he feels so insecure in me which is always a reason of our misunderstanding most often. This is because I am not that showy or expressive to him which give him ill thoughts. Yeah I understand and I just hope that I would be able to express my love to him little by little.

Fortunately, when we had to part ways after he dropped me home we managed to neutralize our bitter emotions. We then had shared a little laughter for about an hour. Yet, for me it was not just enough 'coz I wasn't able to tell him something inspiring and romantic thoughts to share with him during this special occasion. And, I wasn't able to Thank and say the three-magic-word to him personally! I just hope that He would feel my heart and believe that I am serious with him. I hope that he would understand me. And, I do hope that I would be able to express my emotions freely with no hesitation and any other awkwardness.

I received a Big Heart Balloon from Him with the ribbons laces at the bottom which he was the one who decorated it with sweats and 99.9% effort! wow! hehe. This is what I like the most about him! :D While this Red rose is a souvenir from Entree. Nice!

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