Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy First Anniversary

Today, December 30, 2011 is our 1st Anniversary as a Lover. Wow! At last, we have reached this far and stayed our deep love with each other. Actually, at this moment we fail to celebrate 'coz we traveled together in our province to spend the new year with our respective Family. :D Atleast, we still together during this moment. And, we planned to schedule our celebration or a date when we both back in Davao. Hopefully, we can make it that special though it's late already! Hehe.

Well in our 1st year of being together, I can say that we have almost experience all of our differences since we always go together almost everyday and even night.hihi. We have a lot of misunderstandings yet, I salute him for being so responsible and mature enough. I admit that I have also a lot of shortcomings and I'm very complacent. I'm aware of my negative attitude. Yet, I'm having hard times controlling it. uhmp! Maybe it's due to my immaturity though. I just pray that he will stay the same and keep on understanding me. Praying for more patience for him. hmp. And, for me also to grow up and be mature in handling a relationship. Well, I'm looking forward and hopefully I can make it or we can make it with God's guidance. Honestly, my beau is a responsible man and I'm lucky enough having him. :D

I love him and he loves me so much too! hihi. Hoping to stay longer and stronger in whatever challenges and struggles we may encounter as we go along! Hoping also that God continues to guide us in the right direction. Thank you Lord! :D

Happy 1st Anniversary and I will always here for you and will love you Yabs! mwaaah!

Taken @ the bus on our way to our province.

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