Thursday, March 12, 2009

Movie Marathon

Tonight, i just finished viewing two movies, the Notebook and Slumdog Millionaire. Is it still called movie marathon?? Since i only viewed only two movies.hehe . At last, i have already watched Slumdog Millionaire. It was the talked of the class and of the others just recently. Well, i also watched the "The Notebook" then. Wow! I wasn't able to resist my tears to fall on my cheeks. It is a great movie! I like it! I never really expected that i'm gonna break down as well. haha. I like the story. Though I already heard about it when i was still fourth year high school, almost 4 years ago, when i watched it recently, that's the time that i appreciated this movie! Because before i was thinking that the movie is boring, I made a biggest mistake! It is indeed great! I like Ryan Gosling there. He's so handsome!

Slumdog Millionaire is also a great movie. It's a bit fun but later on, it gets serious. The children were so pity. Anyway, i will be viewing again more movies in my collected movies folder. I have still a lot of movies to watch! uh uh!