Friday, January 25, 2008

The innocent face of me

This is me when i was about 11 year old. I really looked so innocent, right? hehe. well, the reason why i post it because i wanna share to you the reactions of my classmates upon seeing this picture.
When i was second year college i put this small picture in my ID, then one of my classmates noticed it. They really can't believed that this girl is me. One of my naughty classmates, a guy kept laughing at me while holding this picture. And you know what? My picture was being critized by almost all of my classmates and laughed at it..tsk2. they're so bad!... hehe. They did laughed so loud at my hair, they also asked me, who cut my hair. And i realized that they were still so immature because of their behavior..hehe. They also said that in this picture i looked like "Jacky Chan"..hahahahah! woah! Do i??? ahmmm. I think so...hehe. And the worst is, whenever they see this picture they will laugh and laugh and laugh... Although they behaved like this, It's not that offensive for me. hehe. In fact, they said that there's a big difference from before to now... (i'am so falttered with that omplement!hahaha) Do you agree? hehehe. And finally, the worst of all the worsts was, when that naughty classmate of mine told me that, my picture can make anyone laugh and giggle even the lonely and the bored person....weeeww! what???hhahah. lolz.
So stupid and funny... anyway, this is the silly part which i can share about this picture. hehe.

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