Saturday, September 12, 2009

A little light of Hope

Whoaw! Thank you so much. I do really appreciate what had happened to me recently. Oh God, I would like to say thank you a million times for everything. hehe. I thank you more specifically on this little light of hope that I have witnessed and started to believe in. It made me more hopeful and feeling like fulfilling though it's still the beginning and I'm still uncertain of what would be the next one to happen. Yeah, Im not really certain of what would really happen afterwards whether it's a gloomy one or a happy one. Well, I am hoping that this would be a good sign to me and hoping that this little light would continue to light brightly as i struggle until the right time.

I started to believe that specific instance, when like everyhing messed up as an omen or a good omen to me. Fortunately, it was. Hopefully, I would be lucky enough for this. How i really wish that my wishes would be granted to me. However, we can never tell, so we just need to move and fight the battle with unique armors that we have and never lose hope. That is really life!