Friday, July 20, 2012

Exhausted Week

Indeed an exhausted and tiring week.  After we vacated to our new boarding house last weekend, here's another delimma came.  I didn't have enough sleep for the whole week. During the night, I slept very late due to other concerns in arranging our things in the room and my beau got high fever and got admitted at the hospital for suspected Dengue case.  Oh God, thinkin' about my beau's situation at the moment, i feel weaken due to the trials and obstacles he's been encountering right now.  I just pray that he's able to cope with everything even me, us.  In fact, I'm also trying and giving my best to help him.  I also thank my mother for her all out support and for understanding. I really love my mother for being so understanding.  Im so lucky having her as my mother.

Hope my beau can get over all of these.  :(

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