Thursday, August 9, 2012

An Awakening

Last night, I and my beau turned our conversation into a serious talk.  A conversation where we've got confrontations. Confrontations on the issues that caused our unending fights such as our differences, beliefs and perspective. 

I bursted into tears upon unloading to him the things I realized and coping up to learn how it is to show and to express "LOVE" to the people around me and to my love ones.  It was quite a long serious talk. I still felt wanting to have more yet we had to cut the conversation because it was already late.  It's like at the moment I've gathered some of my strengths and guts to unload the deepest issues I have which I've been taken for granted for so long to hide my true emotions. In fact, I'm a secretive type of a person that is why... :) I'm very reserved! Sometimes, I only share stories with selected and close friends of mine.  

Well, with last night, I came up with realizations, was able to answer one of my questions. Indeed, I came up to understand and able to know the purpose of the people around me and those encounters that I've had with them.  It's like there was a film rewinder of scenarios. hehe

Somehow, It made me explode a little and I'm happy and feel a bit contented being awakened.  Looking forward to be more mature and be able to comprehend more on what is happening. ;)

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