Sunday, August 9, 2009

Expressing the Painful Sensation

I am suffering from 2 severe pains right now. I hate this kind of feelings. As much as i wanted to avoid or let go of it, i don't have the power to do so. It keeps on bothering me really! I just need an answer to one of these pains. I was left hanging by one of the pains that i am struggling. huhu. Lord, just give me the courage and strength for these. However, on the good side, i tried to perceive the other pain as another challenge for me. Though the act is negative, i am trying to see and respond to it positively. And, in order for me to move on and to give myself more Hopes!

It's kind'a weird! Uhm, I don't want to bother mentioning here these pains in me. I am just like expressing the feeling. Hopefully, i would be able to get through with these. And i believe that time is what i need to help me get over it. How i wish it would just take seconds to heal these f****** pains!

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